Friday, December 30, 2011


Again and again the feeling came to me. >.< SICK OF IT! TIRED OF IT. -.-'

Btw, Have a blessed New Year readers. A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other. Bye 2011, Hi 2012. Lots of love, Stephenie Sarah Aren.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh kampung

23rd Dec 2011. Off to Long Pelisit, Tubau.

24th Dec 2011. 
Finally 7teens!:D Thanks God for one year older. 
Big family from dad side.
Family. Steffy, Stacy, Stamford, Mama, Stella and Papa.
*sorry ma, for blocking you. 

25 Dec 2011. Gathering at hawa a.k.a ruai. 

26 Dec 2011. Kuman + tudu = Madong. 

27 Dec 2011. Perasmian Rumah E. Kasih,
28 Dec 2011. Went to kebun. Brought lots of fruits and food from kampung. Home sweet home. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Awal2 pagi dah dapat 'advance-birthday gift'. :) I got two present from the same person. But i decided to take one of it. Malu ehh mok ambik semua. :P Arrr. Next time kay? :D Btw, thank you very much, man! The best one! May you have a blessed Christmas. :) See you next year. :)

Received a called from daddy that telling we are going back to long house later and asked me to packing. Me- ok. -.-'
(Dgn tidak smngtnya sy mengatakan ok.) Boring bh kat kpg. Satu xda line. Dua banyak 'kerengit'. Tiga, xda buat pa2. Empat, makan jak keja. Lima, xda kawan. Enam, terperap dlm balik jak. And more moreeeee. -.-' Again and again celebrate birthday at long house.-.-' Will be back may be on 25 or 26 or 27. (sy tidak tau apa) :D

Btw, Have a blessed Christmas to dear readers who celebrate. God bless. :)

3 in 1.

First of all, i want to say congratulation to those who are taking Peperiksaan Menengah Rendah this year. Especially to Jorgerson. He got this --->

 Congrates, lil bro. Next year jgn main2. Belajar bgus2. Jgn mcm kakak kmu ni. :P Btw, all the best in your study. God bless. :)

Second, Happy Winter Solstice to all Chinese who are celebrating ;)
 Let's eat tang yuan and grow another year older.
P/s: Don't you geli-geli  see the one at the middle. That was mixed with blended-peanuts + sugar.

Third, the emo's feeling always come even though i tried very very hard to avoid from it. Oh my! And why must you Miss. N? Syg sy tidak pakai spec tadi. -.-'

Btw, thanks Che Melinda. <3

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


When i'm about to offline there's a message at facebook from Leonara, asking why i'm not going to Miri for Catholic Commitment Seminar and asking about something. Back to the seminar's story, yaaaa i'm so JEALOUS cause she's going. Told me this and that. Oh Leo, you make me more jealous and jealous. :( Dear uncle, why you must choose that day for your wedding? Why must that date? No other date? hmm. Never mind, hope next year i can join.... Conversation started at 00.24, ended 02.36. GREAT. When it comes to time when Leo and i chatting, like there's no end on our conversation. :D
 That's Leonara Amanda.
Dear Jorgerson a.k.a lil bro, hope you will get a flying colours for your Peperiksaan Menengah Rendah results later. God bless. ;)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dude, you no need to tell me about you and the other you. I knew everythings. From what i saw and what i heard. That's enough. No need other things to prove it. So next time no need to acting in front of me. Thanks. :) Fyi, bukan mau menyibuk. Just want to tell you that i know everythings actually.  Peace.

Talking to moon.

The title meant a lot. :'). Well, life always goes up and down. When it comes to 'down' part, nahhh rasakanlah apa itu hidup. -.-
Went to church. Surrendered all to God, but still some of it left......
Bla bla bla. Carolling at my messy nest. hehe 
Have a blessed Christmas dear brother and sisters. God bless.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The picture narrate everythings.

Uncle Thomas Auntie Jane wedding day. 14th Dec. Long Pelisit, Tubau. And not saying much about ths. Btw, i'm supposed to back to long house on 13th night. Sudah packing and sedia mau balik kpg ni. *Cari hp.*( 2 msg, 1st, Abel will pick you for carolling  later around 7.45pm. Must go!C ya. 2nd msg, ada dia bgtau kmu ka? ready before 8pm.) . Mula lah hati gatal tukar plan last minute. :D. Tanpa fikir panjang, showing the msg to mummy, and mummy simply said, ask daddy. wheee. klau itu macam, senang cerita. :D dady, can i go back tmrw? Tmrw auntie Yen will come to Bintulu to buy foodstuff and take the wedding cake rite? then trus fetch me. how? wink2. Oke. Mana2. u sudah besar so u decide it. :D alu berbunga hatiku. haha. thanks dad! tinggal sorg and waiting for Abel to pick me. My darl tara joint us too. Padah nda ngau. bulak mat.:P balik, drunk. macam2 keja. haha. thanks Abel!  Overall,fun and unexpected.

Nah. Back to the wedding story....
Mummy and auntie arrr. Don't know whats her name. :)
Welcoming dance.
Selamat datai ngagai bala kita ari Pakan. :)

Night perform.
With Kudoh Tijan.
Bridesmaid and Bride. Cool uncle. Orang bersolek sempat bgmbr.haha.

He's good in playing sape and ngajat.  
Cool tetap cool. haha.

Congratulation cool-uncle! :D

My hero and heroin
  sister. Steffy Sharon
My cute lil uncle. :)

Bubbye Tubau. May be will see you soon. :)

Arghh. berterabur dah gambar. Because of unexplainable reason. :P

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Sorry bro. Statusku bukan untukmu. Thats all. Peace. :)

Friday, December 9, 2011

stub stab.

Nothing much and less for today. I spent my day with reading Get A Clue In The Clueless World. What a nice book. I'd read it since January. Till now belum juga habis. Sibuk Spm katakan. Went to Parkcity Mall. Bought nice-simple Goggles jeans cost Rm 139.90. Actually i want to buy white-T for tomorrow's parade. Tp lain pula yg di beli. -.-' KFC for supper. Thanks Liana for accompanied me. :)

Next day~
Breakfast at Popular corner with friends. (Motif-Mau mkn kueh tiaw goreng kerang tp syg dah hbis. -.-' kueh tiaw goreng biasa pun jadi lah.) After that went to City Point, Hot and Roll then Parkcity mall. Continue to find white-T. From 12-4pm. Tidak rasa 4 jam dlm mall ehhh. Louretta's mum and auntie were there. Pusing punya pusing tidak da dpt juga bju putih. Ada mmg ada,tp tdk berkenan. *Saw Eva Maria Eeyah (my ex-primary school mate) and her cousin Adrian were there too. Well, Eva still Eva. Cute and her high was like last time i guess. Btw, nice to meet you Eva. ;D At last me and Louretta bought a dress. Cost rm83.90. Though after that straight back home. But no, we stopped by Meiga and i bought a sandal cost RM25. Only then we back home and get ready for parade. Took 1 hour to ready ourself. Wah, semangat mau parade. ;)
By 6 something already reached Methodist Church. Again, saw Eva and Adrian. For no one join them, then i decided to join them to walk around whole Bintulu town. What a tiring walk. Finished by around 9.30pm.
Me, Eva and Andrian. Btw, when i asked Eva how old are him, seriously i'm shocked to hear that he's older than us a year. 0.0 Andrian, i though you was form 2 or 3 student. :P Nice to know you, btw. :)

After a tiring walk, we went to KFC before going to somewhere else.;)

The dress that i wear was exactly same with Louretta's. Well, we always bought the same thing. :) And there's many people though we were sibling. :D

Memories. Blast. Friend, i'm in love with you. Not that 'love' but that love. Okay. Done. Good night. Regards.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh man!

Again and again. It's hurt to see those thing. Why the things happen suddenly? Why you changed a lot? Why must !@#$%^&*()_+? dah lah nama 'dia' 1st dalam list chatbox fb. -.-' Oh man. PLEASE go away the 'care' feeling. I don't want to care about it anymore! Don't want. It's hurting me a lot. soobs. :'(

Friend, where are you when i need someone to talk? :'(

Young Catholic Students hangout.

Went to Hartz Chicken Buffet, Sing Kwong supermarket with Joe, Vester and Silvia. Once i enter the supermarket, i walked towards the counssellor, put in 20 cents, results, 57.8 kg!? i was like, aik? tidak makan meh saya beberapa hari ni? 0.0. yes, i'm thinner. :}
To Vester, congrates, you're 'chubbiest' now. haha. Joe,congrates cause you still maintain. ;)
Last, we went to Farley. Chit-chat, yaa. What i'd expect was correct. :')
Thanks Joe, that's why i like you. <-- TM.

This is Jorgerson, whom i never get bored to be with.
Nice, cute, polite, comprehend, naughty and much more was him!
I don't know and can't find the bad side of him.
This is what are we doing and how when we're together. :D


Ya Tuhan, kepada siapakah aku perlu mengadu jika aku dalam keadaan macam ini?
Kepada siapakah aku berpaling jika aku ada masalah?
Siapakah aku perlu cari jika aku ada sesuatu untuk diluahkan?
Siapakah yang akan memahami keadaan aku?
Siapakah yang akan 'comfort' saya jika saya memerlukan itu?
Siapakah aku perlu cari jika aku sunyi?

Alangkah baik jika aku dapat merasakan kehadiran Mu. :')

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Before i update 'this' usually i will go and re-read my post.
Kak Aren sent a msg said that i must be strong. still have a long way to go. :). yes, i have to! i must! seems like there's no changes at me, i was like OH MY! i'm tired with this life. >.<. why am i that weak? why i let myself to be controlled with 'this'? argh. let it be.... when' the time' comes, sure everything gonna be alright. :')

Real life, what a tiring day. One whole day non stop. koko's further study blessing.

Back to cinta monyet life,ini satu hal. Everyday both of you sending that kind of msge. Tidak lejuk kah? Tapi kesian juga mereka tunggu dari last year... What can i say to them is try to forget me. I love you as a friend. >_<

tired. hoping the best for tomorrow. nite. REGARDS~

change your mind set Aren.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


God, send me an angel from the heavens above. Send me an angel to heal my broken heart from being in love, 'cause all I do is cry. God, send me an angel to wipe the tears from my eyes.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


i think this is the best place for me to say it out. why the feeling always come all of sudden? -.-'
when i chat with my friend, she told me that she miss the person that ever hurt her.
then fikir punya fikir, actually we are in the same case. what to do? what can we do? why should we think about them?

therewastoomuchmemoriesinsidemakesmefeellikeohhimissthisandthatifi'minsidethe'fullofmemories'room..istillcan'tcontrolmyself.istillcan'tcheerupmyself.why andwhy?whyamithatweak?whydon'tjustletitbe?whyshouldthinktoomuch?towhomishould'complain'allthis?whereshoulditurnwhenineedsomeonetotalk?

Ohh God, please help me.

the day

i started my day with the gila feeling. ohh damn. till when i have to be like this? so gila you aren. >.<
bla bla bla. went to church. alone. Fiat's dinner.* Ms dinner smpat tkfr, knpa sy tak dpt mcm ni salu? knpa pelu mcm tu? -.-" pissed off.
Dear brothers, thanks. that's why i like you.
Dear sisters, thanks. you guys are sporting. ;)
Thanks for the gift FIAT. nice purple candle. ;)
Thanks Abel. See you soon. :)

yes! tmrw last paper. be nice account. ;)
hope i wake up on time tomorrow.i don't want to wake up earlier then i suppose to.sure my mind will thinking the things that make myself turn up side down. :[ sayatidakmahuitufeelingdatangselalu.sakit. :{ .....
fingers, please don't be soooo itchy. no text won't die. but i still. -.-'
gtg. off. nite.

simple me. :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

naaa 3

can i post as many as i can? sure rite. my blog bh. haha
what i want to say is, i don't know why i feel so happy now. weeee. :D
dear happiness, please conquer me all the time. please..:)

hye bro, i miss to talk to you like before. see ya soon.

naaa 2

ohhh macam org gila sy. skejap emo skejap happy. pa kh? haha
I GET IT BRO!!! thanks!!! sy pelu ikut apa yg mereka cakap. perlu. that's better. :D
hope the friendship will be like last time. lets start from the beginning. once again thanks. i learnt a lot from you. thank you. you happy+me happy= better friendship! :)

Friday, December 2, 2011


apalah mau jadi dengan saya? don't think too much please, aren. no use. 'people' also don't think about you too much bah. i always say that to myself and yet i keep thinking and think how this and that. ohhh please. don't! sakit bh itu. jangan!
awal2 pagi sudah emo. idk what to say nimore. imy.gilababeng.
kalau mau cakap pasal ni, takkan hbis punya. -.-'

Thursday, December 1, 2011


hello period. Good timing. thanks. dtg awal dec tidak hujung dec. tidak lah kacau2 klau cuti nnti:D

oi. hurted.everythings gila babi. oh macam babi. saya mesti kuat. must don't care about the changesss. MUST!!!!
i go to bising2 to che Melinda. she told me this and that. and end up with giving me Word of the God. thank you so much! lotsoflove.
Philippians 4:13
I can do all this through him who gives me strength.
thanks a lot che. you always there to.

i mustttt.don't hurt yourself stephenie sarah aren! wake up! don't give up! don't!
dear tears, please don't come out easily. please. i'm tired wiping you off.
p/s: to be a stronger person is not that easy. susah and sakit weyh. :/

Hi daddy. welcome home. mkin tua mkin handsome+stylo bh daddy. ;) don't keja jauh2 nimore kay? susah always miss you. buang kredit jak always text and call you.:P
btw, daddy craving for MEE. apa2 mee lah. calie. haha

Mummy, you at there remember buy me something kay? at least a tee. :D
your darling here ody, come back faster mummy! me and stacy missss you. :-*

oh firasat, kenapa engkau mengatakan Disember ini tidak sebest Disember yg lalu? jangan laaa.
i want this year's December is the best. well,after this maybe not celebrating with family anymore. study. then, be nice kay Dec? i'm praying.:)

pecat rekod tidak msg dlm satu hari.haha.

gtg.nite. God bless. keep strong in faith Aren~


first thing i want to say is imysm.
second, i wish December will be nice month for me. Idw like what's on my mind. -.-'
third, peace come to me please?
forth, new phone. kay daddy?:D
fifth, vacation!!!
sixth, freedom?
seventh, forgiveness?
eighth, healing.
ninth, 'kurusssser'
tenth, someone. lol.
^the tensss.i.iwant.iwantthat.:D^

additional pic for today's post.ignore.i'm crazy.yes i am.haha