Friday, December 9, 2011

stub stab.

Nothing much and less for today. I spent my day with reading Get A Clue In The Clueless World. What a nice book. I'd read it since January. Till now belum juga habis. Sibuk Spm katakan. Went to Parkcity Mall. Bought nice-simple Goggles jeans cost Rm 139.90. Actually i want to buy white-T for tomorrow's parade. Tp lain pula yg di beli. -.-' KFC for supper. Thanks Liana for accompanied me. :)

Next day~
Breakfast at Popular corner with friends. (Motif-Mau mkn kueh tiaw goreng kerang tp syg dah hbis. -.-' kueh tiaw goreng biasa pun jadi lah.) After that went to City Point, Hot and Roll then Parkcity mall. Continue to find white-T. From 12-4pm. Tidak rasa 4 jam dlm mall ehhh. Louretta's mum and auntie were there. Pusing punya pusing tidak da dpt juga bju putih. Ada mmg ada,tp tdk berkenan. *Saw Eva Maria Eeyah (my ex-primary school mate) and her cousin Adrian were there too. Well, Eva still Eva. Cute and her high was like last time i guess. Btw, nice to meet you Eva. ;D At last me and Louretta bought a dress. Cost rm83.90. Though after that straight back home. But no, we stopped by Meiga and i bought a sandal cost RM25. Only then we back home and get ready for parade. Took 1 hour to ready ourself. Wah, semangat mau parade. ;)
By 6 something already reached Methodist Church. Again, saw Eva and Adrian. For no one join them, then i decided to join them to walk around whole Bintulu town. What a tiring walk. Finished by around 9.30pm.
Me, Eva and Andrian. Btw, when i asked Eva how old are him, seriously i'm shocked to hear that he's older than us a year. 0.0 Andrian, i though you was form 2 or 3 student. :P Nice to know you, btw. :)

After a tiring walk, we went to KFC before going to somewhere else.;)

The dress that i wear was exactly same with Louretta's. Well, we always bought the same thing. :) And there's many people though we were sibling. :D

Memories. Blast. Friend, i'm in love with you. Not that 'love' but that love. Okay. Done. Good night. Regards.

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