Thursday, February 18, 2010


the whole day din text me?huh.tq
then i decided to call you
when i call u there's an awesome call duration i ever have (17 seconds)it was our 1st call.

conversation start

me-hello what are you doing?
you- nothing.
me-why you din reply my text?
me-got no credit ka?
you-i have.k text.(call ended)]

hurm i got no idea how to discribe you!this was our 4th days alrdy like this.huh.

be patient stephenie.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


3rd day of CNY
went to miri n out with Melinda Law n Christian Jalong..had fun~
we went to boulevard from parkson by taxi..SUPERB n WONDERFUL how the way the taxi's driver drive..*_*
mmg superb kan mel?hehe..
here n there to help che che mel to find present to her friend..

the next day back~
samson text me..whre r u still at miri ka?me-ala ody limpas parkson la..huhu..(nvrmnd nxt time meet)
tet tet..bubbye miri..hope can go thre soon..

love lovers

Saturday, February 13, 2010

unforgotten :)

Valentine day n Chinese new year is coming soon..will hear fireworks sounds..err hate it..

kemas2..cuci2 susun2..
aclty we back to Tatau today..but cnt cause no one fetch papa auntie we back on Monday~
go to sing kwong n planned to buy CK casual x jd..mna tau miri ada yg cntik lgi:)
me, mama,koko, 2 lil mei2 just had a simple dinner at Sushi King..~saw melvin~
after finished mine..check my hp..very surprise to received a text from Isaac Leslie..then we text text n text..great qs..then i promise him will give him answer sharp 12 am! la la la la la..piuuu poooommm...

Valentine day n Chinese New year..
text him~n chatting with che che...tet tetttt..bla bla bla...
uish..bising u mercun!!!he ask me to go out to stop them..haha..gila u..:P
tgh pagi mama potong kek sedia2..
text till 1.30..sleepy~going to church tmrw~
morning go to fetch daddy n 4 pm smtg go to fetch auntie..

*love my lover*
.. said .. is a guardian of our love*sweet

yen happy!

Friday, February 12, 2010


hari ini saya ada pelik sikit..
dalam kelas saya duduk dengan kawan cina hari ini..kami cerita pasal hantu sampai waktu!they are sporting!thanks Jacklyn Y.C.C, Desmond, Judson, Phyllis..:)

sudah habis waktu macam biasa ikut sesudah ambil Cross di pejabat saya duduk la depan..termenung???saya pun pelik.huh.time praise and worship actly saya dengan angelina yang lead tapi tidak jadi.minggu depan.k balik pada praise n worship huh tersentuh betul saya apabila nyanyi Datang Roh Kudus..air mata saya menetis tidak berhenti..dalam masa yang sama saya teringat akan keluarga saya yang kurang sihat, dosa saya makin la kuat menitis..:'(hurmmm..terima kasih kepada Geoffery untuk membawa kami dalam puji n sembah..betul2 tersentuh saya..
balik dari Ycs senyap saja sampai malam ._.

I Love My Friend N Family!ILG

Thursday, February 11, 2010

cool day

today me natali n cornnelius were very lonely cause one of our "geng" back to sibu for celebrate C.N.Y.. no joking no laughing no gossiping..+_+we miss u Mac!
back to go to sch again for YCS meeting..Geoffery was thre too..teaching Chris n Matthaeus guitar..our meeting title was *thank you*farewell dinner..rm25 each..

tutt tutt..mummy pick me at sch.ok2 im going thre now.
clothes n new hair..dont laugh k che che i u see my hair..haha
mama jdi rihanna sy jdi cartoon..haha

kemas rumah..tired babeng~

Sunday, February 7, 2010

ouh..why im so stupid hoo?he got ody oso still love n miss him???
what for STEPHENIE?k now,today,tonight i know that im stupid to love him..he got no more feeling with me liao..n i think since we r still couple..leju bak kata iban.huh..but no use like?
before i hve a special person next time mybe i will think wiser..:)

thanks for being like that BOY!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


what the hacks..
the picture..arghhh..
i dont like you..make me hate you..
and you boy!!errr..muka mcm x bersalah..baik2 blkng?errr..
thanks you S.L.J..
i love you so much!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Congratulation for deacon Damain Lalo who bcme a priest today..
God Bless.