Monday, August 31, 2009

Mardiah Chalet

samat merdeka!!!

as wat we plan ystrday..
quite nice place..
canggih this swimming pool:)
steffy n stacy

half body?..sory mummy..

dats all..lazy to post much..+_+


wke up jap..10 go to bath..yesterday jerry promise sponser us(me n hazel) :)..aftr mass he will pick us around 10.45 he will call..dgn tepat ms nya he called me..
jay*helow yen whre is ur house ar?
me*my house?tmn putrajaya..around sjk sebiew..
jay*oic..k2..u wait k..

then 5 inutes laters hazel msg me

zel*helow yen jerry ody pick u ka?
me*on da way ody..just wait..if can u wait at ur house junction k..(actualy i frgt wish one is her house)haha
zel*ok2..faster ar..i wait..
called frm jay.
jay*yen ody reach sebiew..
me*ok..just go straight..u c the skul hall..thn turn to left hnd side..i wait u outside..

finally can find..gud2..gud finder..haha...
masuk kreta..i tot jay drve..skli watson yg drive..
there"s jerry, watson, n dalphenie?..go to father's house pass the fr.stan frm..(watson's frm) one at there..closed!..mybe go to lunch la..then go n pick hazel..
eat at chiwan..mkn pnya mkn..ada sorg sami dtg..minta sdekah..bgi la tek..sian dia..huhu..then the sami oso eat there..oder bubur nya..he asked for a bowl frm the waiteress..he get half of the porridge..he gve back the less..1st tyme i saw..huhu..agak pelik..when he stand..i tot he wan to pay..skali said thank you jak..pelik..F.O.C nya talked n talked..
hazel stay at mall..wat drove us yen gve me ur number..n help me pass this frm k..orite wat..thenkiu jay n wat!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

my first post..

not 2 expert about blog...

will not too actve wif blog..

wait until finish Pmr siang malam online pun xpa..hehe