Thursday, December 8, 2011

Young Catholic Students hangout.

Went to Hartz Chicken Buffet, Sing Kwong supermarket with Joe, Vester and Silvia. Once i enter the supermarket, i walked towards the counssellor, put in 20 cents, results, 57.8 kg!? i was like, aik? tidak makan meh saya beberapa hari ni? 0.0. yes, i'm thinner. :}
To Vester, congrates, you're 'chubbiest' now. haha. Joe,congrates cause you still maintain. ;)
Last, we went to Farley. Chit-chat, yaa. What i'd expect was correct. :')
Thanks Joe, that's why i like you. <-- TM.

This is Jorgerson, whom i never get bored to be with.
Nice, cute, polite, comprehend, naughty and much more was him!
I don't know and can't find the bad side of him.
This is what are we doing and how when we're together. :D

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