Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tiring day

today i thought i wk up late..when i asked koko what time now?erm 9 o'clock nia..
ow..apu i thought ody noon..:))..when i tried continue my sleep cnt sleep liao>.<..wke what i've promised mom to do today.."tukar fesyen bilikku"aha..then get out christmas stuff frm store..fuh..tiring..
3 pm..playing fb games..i was the 1st time i play it..quite fun..
as what Tara told me..ckgu andy will pick us at 7 pm for bible quiz..wait wait n wait..almost 7.30..when i enter the car..Tara said steph got surprise for u bh..what?bible quiz x jd?yup..tnyte cancel..we go to limbang for the compt..oh yes..i've more time to do revision..:)..reach church hall uncle anthony was stangin at the church hall with his serious face..bla bla bla..sis gave us round 1 paper "Faith Quiz" do n not bad..i got 41 over 75 correct..its ody good for me la..Praise The Lord..b4 back snap2..:)

super daper tired..

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


today got no plan actly.. when im online..tara chat with me..n said..steph we join bible quiz k..hah?bible quiz? not expert about Bible la x mnd..just join pity ckgu Andy finding participant..ermm...(thinking)..ok2 i will join..about 2 pm ckgu andy came to my house sent last bible quiz paper..looking at the paper..fuh..calling tara asking ka?aduh steph gila me saw this qs..haha..ney who ask u to join..bla bla bla..then she decided to cme to may house to do revision la katakan..:P..*rainning*


Mummy's birthday..
today is the 1st day of prctce drama dancing n singing..:)..8.00 am till 4.30 pm..
lunch at singpore chicken rice..that is the time we wait..haha..aftr lucnh went to CiTy Point..bought sme stuff..
back..fuh hyper tired..bubbye

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mom's Birthday

Happy Birthday mummy..thanks for being such a caring n good mother..
err..ntg much..speechless..
Love You Mom..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pantai Tanjung Batu

went to tjg batu with koko ex schl mate too..
i wanna tke pic..when i tke out the cam n wanna on it..can..want to knw why?
no battery inside..adehhh..i charged the battery n frgt to take it just now..ngok*
blablabla..Oliver's mummy send us back..sleep..6.30 wke want to watch 2012 story..but i hve no time..huhu..nvrmnd holiday still long..:)))
  • Leonora Amanda Hendrick
  • Melinda Law Mei Poh?
  • Sharon Usun Juk
  • Samson Lian Juk
  • Albert
  • Christian Jalong Tom
  • Patrick Bilong Tom


Friday, November 20, 2009

last day of school..

today is the last day to go to schl..>.<
form 3 students supposed to be at show thier talent..:)"Talent Time"
sad?happy?no feeling at all..haha..cause im busy with performance for YCS dinner..will be held on 11.12.09..yeay2:)
when im on da way to schl i thought i was safe(can enter the schl)
once i reached our schl gate..thre's a sport check..:(
how i want to enter?i brought camera n so on..
Tia passed by..i asked her how to enter ha???then she said called teacher Andy to drive u in..he hvnt go to scl..still at st.Anthony busy with Bible quiz we decided to ask him to fetch us at outside bus station..he said hve to wait till 12.30..wait n wait about half n hour..teacher came..but he just limpas...aduh..he x see us..>.<..eee..then we x join YCS hve to wait for 1.45pm for noon session start their lesson so dont hve sport wait for the time..we go to bandar jaya..bought water..


its time for us to enter in..
practice for our performance n drama..
bla bla bla..heard frm ckgu andy today evening session got assembly at 5 pm..
so i go out 1st..ehe..coz i dont want jion the assembly n im evening session student..:P


*by leg back n liana..on the half way mummy fetch..she just back frm everly hotel..i thought i can sleep..but reach home mummy said pack2..we go to swimming:)yay2..
ok2...cergas me..haha..i dont knw how to swim bh..>.<.koko teach me..then knw a bit la..back KFC!!!blablabla..sleep*

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1 2 3 4

no idea for the title..:P
today ouh today...
when i went to schl just now i was scared..i am a criminal..haha..
want to know why?
because i dye my hair ysterday..>.< red in colour..>.<..i like it.. and dont frgt to spm candidates...Geoffery,Michelle,Rapheal,Bryan,SamSon,therry,sherilyn.Goodluck..all the best..May the Holy Spirit guide You all while answering qs..God Bless...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Happy sunday people~~~
today is the last day for bible
me koko n 3rd sis on the way to class..mine n sis ex sunday schl teacher passed by us..she called stacy.."weird"..i thought she want to give or ask smthg..when she took out her camera frm her my my said..ow..she want to take pic..teacher said..this is what i wait..u r so cute stacy..steph u browse this in fb k..ok thanks..yer deyh..canggih juak ckgu eyh..ehe..bla bla bla..
(classroom)aftr Uncle Anthony bless our food Anisia cme to Uncle n wishper to him..uncle today is Anna's birthday..bla bla bla..then we sing happy birthday song..(no wonder Anna brought cake)~
me, amanda, Uncle Anthony, Anna (birthday girl)
all of the boy cant wait to eat..coz adele brought KFC..ehe..yummy..thanks eat n eat..almost 11 alrdy..Bm mass..sit with Joveeta..sempat i asked Jov's mom to buy cupon..:)..aunty buy rm 10..thank you..~today's verse?got kaitan with 2012 movie.Kiamat?oh bersedialah..aftr mass Raka drove me to aunty inn..mummy fetch me thre..koko saids he want to dye his i want patient steph..:P..reach home..grandma called me..yen come here..sit in front of her..nah..ur salary(RM 100)..(im blur) really for me ka?ama-ya really..kan u rajin..ehem2..haha..thanks grandma..last week she just gave me rm rm 100..pokai ama later..ehe.asked ama to buy the cupon..ama-what is lucky drw cupon for helping Limbang new church..(St.Edmund?)ama said i take all..thanks2!!:))..senang my kerja..alrdy finish my cupon..ehe..TV*aftr the story finish go n lipat2 bju..suddenly 'terlintas' in my mind why when we need a friend, there's no one come to u..and when u no need a FRIEND they will find U???eerrrrrr

eat online..very bored!..

Grandma n Joveeta's mom~thanks a lot..God Bless!

Friday, November 13, 2009

13 november 2009

it was a last day for our YCS meeting :( ..gonna miss form 5 members.hope can meet u all again..
~thanks Giving~
b4 praise n worsdhip we got singing in prayer??..suddenly my tears come out..fuh..during worship makin kuat nangis..the song that we sing very touched me..Praise the Lord for everythings~

sahring~louretta asked me to shre..then i asked her to go 1st then she go..the end of her shring was "dulu sy mmg panas baran then skrg ok dlm nie ada org yg slalu mengata sy tp sy cool sj"then suddenly she cant talk n tears come out..then i said to her cool apa cam tu shring untill tears come out..haha..i want to shre aftr louretta shre..malangnya masa x mengizinkan..huhu..

action n louretta doing action..haha..suddenly got feliz navidad..keja rapheal n bryan..haha..tiba2 christmas mood..the end of our song is Dalam Yesus Kita Bersaudara..shke with everyone..Ckgu Josephine come n hug louretta n cry..i was blur..'aie ckgu nama nuan nyabak?'ckgu-aku ndai ditok gik..kini ke nuan deyh?ckgu-agi bc la..eheh..smpat she smile..ala jgn nangis ckgu.eheh.we can meet everywhre la ckgu..

lastly i want to thanks our YCS teacher C.Norlia C.Ilam C.Josephine C.Andy C.Walter..n not frgt to our president Geoffery Ranggu..he do a lot of things to 'melatopkan' ycs this our Revolution Concert..i love it so much..

Bryan Rundi(naib president), GeofferyRanggu(president) n Rapheal(our sporting guitarist)..gonna miss u all..gudluck for the best!cia you~

sorry for not asking permission to get this photo..

Young Catholic Student Do the best for next year..i believe we can do it..
God Bless OUr YCS club...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

cuti2 sarawak.-7-8.11.09-miri

last two days went to miri..just jalan2 n beli2..leave bintulu at 8.30 reach miri about 11 if not mistaken..texting all of my friend at miri asked them go out with me.melinda n albert?got practice for cmfrmation talk..christian?no one accompany him..samson?cant..huhu.only therry n breyg can..thanks very much:)aftr check in at mega hotel then walked to parkson to meet therry n breyg..about half an hour wait for them at big parking spce

then we go to eat at marry? brown..
our conversation~
koko-apa kmu dua mok mkn?
therry n breyg~kmu dua dh mkn ka?
therry-x pyh la dh kenyang ni..
~then koko go to order..
therry-eh steph brapa A target kmu?
me-A?fuh..x tau la..terpulang pda results..haha
breyg-frm 3 ka?aduh i thought frm 5 just now..
therry-looked mature kan..
koko came..bla bla therry dgr steph kata kmu pndai magic?therry-erm x da la..besa2 jak..pndai bc tarot card pun tau sy lbh minat sweet? or what ever la..i dont knw about that..haha..koko-erm tp tarot tu mcm ada black magic sikit kan..therry-erm ya..then suddenly saw Eva Maria my old skul mate at m.b..bla bla bla..bru jak jln stgh jln therry's mum calling told him that his grandpa passed away..therry was shocked n speecless..took about an hour for therry to calm..huhu..condelence.then he decided just contnue to accompny us..:

jalan punya jln alrdy n koko back to hotel then therry said if can he will go out tnight n will pick me tmrw mrning for youth mass..relax at htel n wait till 6pm go out..went to Chilli paper?eat there with ivy..
rcve msg tht therry saids he cnt go ya i understand.
aftr that we when to parkson..koko n ivy decided to watch movie..but malangnya sistem down black out..haha..x jd..then sy jln sndri..terlintas d fkran ku cri charles..ehe.then dia bwa sy g city fan.on jak.dia cita sal hidup dia..dia rindu late Fr.Anthony wan..bla bla bla..dia hensem bh..adoiii..haha..balik g parkson koko n ivy g kfc..isi perut..heheback to hotel..zZzZ..+_+


woke up 7.30.i thought alrdy 9 am..bath then waiting for therry to pick me..:)..he text me that he will come late..:.he took me at 10.20 am..he asked wanna go whre ar?if go to church now still many car suka hati sy ni ikt jak..then reach church the 1st person i saw was Judith..judith was shocked saw me thre..enter the st.joe gate i saw unexpected person!named Albert..:)..he also shocked saw me thre.ehe..sitting with him Sharon n breyg during the mass..i dont knw whres therry..aftr rcve communion albert asked me to see at the back..toleh la sy nie td..hurm.. was shocked..n no cmnt about that.:)you knw i knw= what ever!
going to fetch koko at Toys World..the lucnh at 2020..go to parkson..tgk wayang bertajuk Fhobia?..kenangan terindah..only me n u knw..chalie..:P..b4 back go to carmlte sister.gve sme fruits..then jmpa dgn sis kuyat,leonra christian n so gik!..bla bloa bla..
wanna see pic?fb ada....
sy rindu kmu.~

Thursday, November 5, 2009

bing bang boom

helow readers..
not going to schl today..+_+..actualy hve to go to schl..rehearsal for "tarian lgu Gemilang by jacklyn? victor akan dinyayikan oleh Mary Queen my classmate" we called that tarian london choco roll..haha..for tmrw..Penyampaian Sijil..i decided not going..want to follow mummy to fetch aunty at air port ..:P..asked Yohana to replace me..:)..
helping mummy to cooked curry..yummy..:}..around 3.30 pm get ready to fetch aunty..only me mummy n koko knw that aunty coming today..ehe..surpise.:) bang boom..haha..then straight going to grandparent's house..when aunty get down frm kong2 was very happy n surprise..senyum smpai telinga..haha..ama cool jak.mklumlah bru bgun zZzZ.back going to Farley buying stuff..x sbr reach home mau tengok bju bru ku..yeay2..aunty bought me a dress n shirt..:))..bla bla bla..kong2 reach our home dinner tgther..bath..sitiing hear..cmnt here n there blogging..actly wanted upld the video that koko tooked at kong2 house when kong2 was shocked saw aunty coming..haha..nice the vid..but i cnt make sleepy + tired = offline..

nyte people..
saya rindu kawan saya:)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ngok btol kmu..

today sis sher x go to skul..she online..then we two chat..suddenly she asked about "the boy"..asking here n there..sis sher mad at that boy..bla bla bla..i was worried coz i knw she will asking n telling him..perghhh..what ever!!!???!!!when he back frm schl jeng jeng jeng..fuh..bla bla bla..only we three knw what happened..eee..sorry i can't help any one..+_+

dont knw what can i do???!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


1st time saya chat dgn kamu rs cam wow..bla bla bla..
then skrg kmu ckp kmu tiba2 ckp _ _ _ _ sy?pelik2 kmu ni..
akhrnya saya tahu apa perasaan kamu terhadap saya..
tapi apa boleh takut jd mcm kazen kmu bh..erm..sorry for reject kamu..
x pa kita dua kan teman tp mesra..ehe
i love you actually