Monday, September 28, 2009

kuyat2.. we knw today is monday..n 1st day of the week go to skull..
pecutan pMr for BM subject..
sleepynez is coming! zZzZzZ feeling was on my mind the whole day!
sleepy the whole period today!huh..
back frm skul..smgt membara..haha..
going to C.John house(F.I.A.T presdnt)home cell group
opning pryr(c.John),praise n worship(leonardo),bible reading bm language c.John Bi me,sharing(laughing here n thre with bro.raymond)he make me laugh..:Pwe two nang hyper active..haha..closing pryr,grace b4 meal,mkn minum,ice breaking..i think im the youngest among ol of us..:)ehe..
late ody..
gotta go!:)
nyte ol!
regards from me!
pMr run after me!
pray 4 me!
peace be upon u ol!

Friday, September 25, 2009

chit chat

today quite bz..
morning go to prayer meeting at 9-12
mic on on mic..:))
sharing-the 1st time im shring!(red shirt):)
a bit shy!
round n round with mummy..
back home online
chat with Melinda..cmnt pics here n there
huh.she make me feel carzy..
chat with her nvr serious!sot*(she teach me)
n i leanrt one new word frm her...i tought a gud word..cause she always represent my name with that word!!!
want to knw that word?_kuyat_
melanau language..thats mean monyet!
mel2..huh.menyalahgunakan bahasa!
the thing that causing us stop chatting is...???she feel headache..ney sapa suruh nvr serious!ahakz..sian u..may God Bless u!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

fr.stan rally!20-22.09.09

so fun at the rally!especially healing servies! no idea! wish to eat donut everyday!haha
patrick sam n me
samson n me
miri frens.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

a week story!

youth mass choir practise tuesday nyte

ckgu andy(wearing spec) ckgu walter n FIAT membersRuddy n Terry

michelle,me, angelina,jogerson

11.09.09 friday nyte

it was the 1st day seminar..back from skul rushing here n there to go for the smnar..around 7.30pm reach there..(on tyme):)..bro.wilson,bro sylverster, bro vincent, bro philip was thre..(miss bro wilson)long tyme no c..2 talk for dat nyte..bro philip talk about Cinta Kasih Tuhan..2nd talk by bro.sylvester about Mengapa Kita Harus Memuji Dan Menyembah Tuhan Serta Kuasa Pujian Dan Penyembahan..blablabla..he said klau ibu bapa suruh buat kerja jawab puji Tuhan or if people make u angry just said puji Tuhan..believe that person will not say anything to u or he/she will smle.. :)

2nd day..8.30-10..1 talk by bro.wilson..Pertabatan Dan Pengampunan..he asked us to write the person name dat we r hard to 4given a piece of paper..pray n put into the front box..suddenly louretta said..steph now alrdy 10 o'clock..go and chnge ur costume..10.30-12 youth mass,blessing for spm n pmr stdents and launching for F.I.A.T..

got refreshment..chit-chat..the thing dat i'll nvre frgt when talking with fr justin is when sis.monica tell fr.justin "fr. sudah sy buka pintu nnti fr. kunci " fr- apu hbs la pintu itu tanggal kmu buka"hahaha..dgn sepontannya fr. menjawab..mmg lucu the fr..hehe..x rasa alrdy 2pm.briefing for fr.stan smnar at church meeting room..x sbr mau prgi ni..till nearly 4pm back to smnar at chrch hall..din hear the 3rd talk frm bro vincent..then confession..6pm back..7.30 back to smnar again..Penyembuhan dalam Roh Kudus by katekis Nancy..pray..9.30 pm back..zZzZ..


talk by Pembaptisan Dalam Roh by bro sylvester again Tugas Roh Kudus Dalam Kehidupan Kita..pray over each other to live in the new life(renew)???..sharing..bla bla bla..some peeps..end..

bro sylvester

bro wilson


louretta terry abel n me

bro vincent