Thursday, December 1, 2011


hello period. Good timing. thanks. dtg awal dec tidak hujung dec. tidak lah kacau2 klau cuti nnti:D

oi. hurted.everythings gila babi. oh macam babi. saya mesti kuat. must don't care about the changesss. MUST!!!!
i go to bising2 to che Melinda. she told me this and that. and end up with giving me Word of the God. thank you so much! lotsoflove.
Philippians 4:13
I can do all this through him who gives me strength.
thanks a lot che. you always there to.

i mustttt.don't hurt yourself stephenie sarah aren! wake up! don't give up! don't!
dear tears, please don't come out easily. please. i'm tired wiping you off.
p/s: to be a stronger person is not that easy. susah and sakit weyh. :/

Hi daddy. welcome home. mkin tua mkin handsome+stylo bh daddy. ;) don't keja jauh2 nimore kay? susah always miss you. buang kredit jak always text and call you.:P
btw, daddy craving for MEE. apa2 mee lah. calie. haha

Mummy, you at there remember buy me something kay? at least a tee. :D
your darling here ody, come back faster mummy! me and stacy missss you. :-*

oh firasat, kenapa engkau mengatakan Disember ini tidak sebest Disember yg lalu? jangan laaa.
i want this year's December is the best. well,after this maybe not celebrating with family anymore. study. then, be nice kay Dec? i'm praying.:)

pecat rekod tidak msg dlm satu hari.haha.

gtg.nite. God bless. keep strong in faith Aren~

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