Thursday, December 22, 2011


Awal2 pagi dah dapat 'advance-birthday gift'. :) I got two present from the same person. But i decided to take one of it. Malu ehh mok ambik semua. :P Arrr. Next time kay? :D Btw, thank you very much, man! The best one! May you have a blessed Christmas. :) See you next year. :)

Received a called from daddy that telling we are going back to long house later and asked me to packing. Me- ok. -.-'
(Dgn tidak smngtnya sy mengatakan ok.) Boring bh kat kpg. Satu xda line. Dua banyak 'kerengit'. Tiga, xda buat pa2. Empat, makan jak keja. Lima, xda kawan. Enam, terperap dlm balik jak. And more moreeeee. -.-' Again and again celebrate birthday at long house.-.-' Will be back may be on 25 or 26 or 27. (sy tidak tau apa) :D

Btw, Have a blessed Christmas to dear readers who celebrate. God bless. :)

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