Friday, October 30, 2009

Geoffery's birthday 31.10.09-thursday

i din go to schl today:)around 2 pm picked louretta.we went to town buy present to Geoffery at St.Anthony messenger..saw Marcelle?..aftr we bought the present.felt bored n dont knw whre we want to we decided walk to parkcity mall..took 10 minutes..louretta was scared cause the way we hve to walk was the place whre late aunty Lily aka Jesper's mom excident..louretta2..+_+
louretta sunddently got one steph take pic on the u nie x malu ka klau org tgk.L-nvr mnd..cpt2 x da kreta ni..:)snap snap snap..almost reach mall then raining cat n dog~straight go to buy papre bag:).then went to "Tension" milk shake's shop..louretta bought slim bag t Abel..:P.texting mummy ask her to pick at mall..walk2 n walk..waiting for mummy at mary brown..6 pm ody..fuh..send louretta back n get ready to geo's birthday party..told my lil sis steffy that im going to Ruddy aka geo's house then she said she want go..ok2..go2..louretta's dad drove us to geo's house.while waiting for others we sang hari ini ku rasa bahagia?..Abel coming.sat in front of me.he asked steph sapa tu adik kmu ka?ya.adik sy la tu.abel-cute bla bla.they ask me to lead P n W?apu i dont knw la.x confidence.dh la many pple elder then me.:P.geo's dad saids nthg wrong in doing God's work.then lastly louretta was the 1st time she lead..good job sis.Fr.john bless birthday boy..:).yeay time to feed stomach.:PPP.eat2.chit chat.err puas Ruddy asked steffy to sit with him wanna fren with her but fyfy jual mahal.adeh malu me ajar her like that.:( Tower 13..Fr.john saids.lucu la crita hantu..ehe.repons frm us is smlie.ehe.10 pm ody.time to go back.thanks geo n family!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


yesterday was the 1st day went to schl of the week :P
so smngt go schl..with the long nails..:P..enter the schl gate got sport check..Grace frm 2 prefect's checked me..ehe..she just asked me to enter in..thanks Grace:)walked alone to our block-Block Daisy..eliana saw me immediately walk toward yen come here..then talking non nvr meet for 1 year..haha~kringgg kringgg..morning session back..our 1st period was science.going to lab.i thought learnt form 4 sc..teacher asked to watch cartoon..what a boring story~errrrrr..then 3rd n the rest period at schl hall..watched cartoon.aduh..i hate it..ckgu siti (Kebudayaan teacher) enter the hall saw me n eliana then she asked me n ana helped her to fill in bonus mark..SYUKUR yeay2~no need sit at hall.sit inside the meeting room.with the sweating at is what i want everyday..:)finding n filled in the bonus file then suddenly ckgu Siti saids "eh terasa mau mkn roti canai sy"..she drove to Medan Jaya to bought canai.cakap serupa bikin bk kata org..ehe.btol ka?she back cun2 recess..yeay time to eat.smpt me n ana snap2.she brought HP.then kemas the meeting room.6th period back to hall.sleepy~watched the bored cartoon..i dont like to watched movie!+_+back.texting Tery aka Hagemaru :P.ate was shocked to saw leonora name chnge to Leaonora Christine..start our conversation..
me-leo when ur name chnge to leonora christine?allergy sy tgk nama itu..
leo-ala suka2..actlly my cmfrm name ia leonora amanda..
me-then whre did u gt the chritine?
leo-ok la ok la i chnge it now..
me-:) leo how our cfrm name?bishop gve or we choose..
leo-we choose la..
leo-u hvnt cfrm yet meyh?
me-u want to knw here in bintulu 3 years ody x hve LSS..sunday shcl teacher saids bishop always busy..
leo-ow cian u LSS u knw..
me-erm ya..we are still waiting now:)
im in the busy mode~g.t.g leo..bye..
grandma n grandpa cme...chit chat
bath..sleep..:)..thats all..gaint my weight..fuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Saturday, October 24, 2009

dark chocolate :(

title tu menandakan warna kulitku..argh..
yes akhirnya sudah selesai segalanya(TYT 88th birthday)..practice for 1 week..escape schl..yeay :)..but tired..fuh..mrng till evening.perghhh..mrning wke up 4 am..mummy saids why so early ar u all..ish mummy not only me wanna use cstume..50 person..u imagine..mummy speechless~im wearing iban's costume..5 am go to schl abg nick make up..almst 6 am..ckgu siti cme.."kmu org ni dtg lmbt sj tahu..x da disiplin langsung"pei ckgu itu..maka bukan sy yg lmbt..EVELYN YG LMBT CKGU..jgn tunjuk sy..(mmg gaya ckgu)ehe..go to civic centre by bus..half of us shre bus with kadet bomba..bla bla bla..thn line up..fuyooo..cntik2 hensem2 org yg n ana at the front so pics kmi dua la pling byk..haha..9 am TYT cming..siren jauh2 dh didgr..fuyo kreta dia..punya la cntik..BMW*..kalis peluru*..turun gik cucunya dri kreta..PSP 1 org prob for them..alangkah baiknya sy cm tu..haha..mimpi steph~start.........11 bufday songs....pnya la^fuh..calling mummy*..mummy pick me at civic centre..pick tara 1st k..later n got smnar at church..ok2..wait thre k..louretta~tara prepare mummy ngmbi..reach church 12..lunch time..toilet.then go n seat outside the chrch..taking pics..i told tara..wei tara ma marik d putus ka?apu buah ia deyh?nda mu ar..pd dlm sluar bc ka?going to toilet to check still dont hve..finding here n thre..then geo asked her what are u find for?buah rantai ku nyau..nulung ku ngiga..suddently tara saids we find at whre ur mummy stopped us just steph nie dia..THANKS GOD..she founded it..when she tell ge..naa..nasib bc..ku pray tok d td..k thanks geo..naaaaa...see how good is our God..He listen our prayer..wei tara y should sharing next x mau sy..neyy u nie ckp klau sruh shring tkut..tara2..ehe..back dinner tnyte..-_-back frm again+_+
saya makin hitam~ish..mcm mana nie;(

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy body

hi..wah almost 1 week din updte my blog..errr..quite bz =)lets i start my story..

school as usual..ysc meeting..chit chat with my lovely sis..she tell me that see think a bad things..she herself also dont knw why..weird*like wanna kiamat alrdy..haha..get ready sis..haha..:)..back frm school with the heavy rain..mummy pick me..yeay..:P..rushing~going to practice..for pray over spm students at SIB church invited by Perena..reach there, no one there..apu..dah la 1st time go there..huhu..15 minutes ago chealsea? cme..cheal-ni nana deyh?me-erm nda mu la..bdau dta bh..ku ngnti dtok ari kul 7.45 td bh lbn ia mdh dtai sbdau 8 pm..cheal-erm sigi kenya janji remaja..:) steph nuan greja nie ar?rc ka?me-yup r.c..alan coming..cheal-alan call nana..bla bla bla..almost 8.30 bru start...back 11 pm+_+nana send me back :)

9 am start the Berkat for spm....bla bla bla..end at 11 am..go to dewan suarah..practice..huh..tiring -_-..hvnt eat yet..HUNGRY..haha..reach there cun2 time to eat..then prtce..apu i dint cme just now how i want to knw the step?eh lantak je la..just selit2 at the back..ehe..boley juga buat the step :P..back~
going back to mama hometown..(tatau)..errrr..inside the car nothing to do..koko me, ing2, n fy2 snapping here n there(will upld the pic at fb a.s.a.p)..:))..reach tatau go to cousin's house..abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz...:P..back at 3pm..tired! +_+..actually today got prctce..:P but i ponteng..:P
..[';];/.,''/']/.' school today..going to dewan..prctce again..waiting for bus at school..ckgu.siti walk towards me n eliana..haaa..kmu dua ratu pergi mana kmrin???we two slmber jak snyum..:)..bus coming..the driver pick at luar simpang sklh..x juga mau msuk..bukan nya jauh..saw Duane the cool boy..haha..louretta's husband..:P..b4 back as usual me n ana snap2..ehe..back with the hyper tired body..8 pm pick louretta..rosary at sis prez's house..1st mistery bro raymond 2nd bro ruddy 3rd sis pres's mummy 4th sis elizabeth 5th mistery me(actly is aunty judy but she cnt tkut semput ltr..she's pregnant)..sis mira?say grace b4 meal..chit chat about FIAT dinner..ckgu John saids each table need prfm at least 1 song..bro raymond looked to at me..steph we 2 duet k?haaa?ko serius ka?serius la..erm ok la..on..ckgu andy steph u use the costume that u used during youth ulu costume ka ckgu?yup..kan the dinner theme is 1 malaysia..:)..ckgu john..ya2 kmu org laki pkai la sirat lagi bro raymond terbahak2 ktawa imagine..bro christhoper? gik..apa kata kita pkai singlet..itu pun satu mmalaysia..cina,melayu tambie also use that one bh..ha ha..k2 10 pm alrdy..backckgu andy send me n louretta back..+_+
^rainy day^
fuh today wake up early..6.30..still wanna sleep.+_+..msg ana no need to wait for me..mummy will send me later.:)bcoz im lazzzzyyy to walk to school..haha..dh la hujan..broommm..reach dewan surah..sesat me*huh more then thousand persons i thought..askr,pdrm,kadet bomba n so all turun pdng actly..memandangkan hri hujan just insde dewan..-_-..suddenly ana says eh yen how ow if one of us rmpas the gun n tmbak one of us..ish3 ana2..that kind of thing also on her mind..ergh..choir group~dgn smngtnya they wanna sing skali the cd scrtch..pity..huhu..then Abg Tuah Jili saids sing without re me fa so la ti do~noticed ckgu andy was there too..smpt he took pics..nang kerja ckgu ya..ehe..then lucnh me n ana eat tgther with our fish ball that we bought then mkn sndri2 ..haha..jaik2..2pm turun pdng fuyo..imgine how hot was it..blablabla..back..sleep..take with tara..she asked me who is leonara?told her then smpaikan crita si C pulak yg kluar..argh.. then suddenly tia reply she saids she's frm clinic..who sick?me lo..apa skit kmu le sis?sorethroat + fever +flu..msti mkn buah terlalu byk..ryte?mummy going upstairs..enought2..sleep liao..ehe..orite..:)
hyper tired!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


matahari sudah terbit..ayam berkokok..mataku terbuka..:)
ehem2..tekak ku ada kaitan dgn FLU..agak mengeramkan hingus itu..huhu
pergi ke sklh dgn paksaan + flu..
smpai sklh sy fkr kwn2 ada dtg..skli tgk sy sja dtg..waduh..
prmpuan 8 org lelaki 9 = 17 org hdr drpd 46 org..
Mr.Chan pun gelek palak tgk bilangan itu..:P
smpt gik pesan..ckp dgn kwn2 klau x dtg esok nama x da dlm list form 4..ya la tu?ehe
1st period check2 jwpn sc paper 1 PMr..then pa sy buat?baringkan kepala kat atas meja nyanyi sendiri..syok sndri..lonely+boring+fever+flu..merana2..
balik dri sklh adalah saat yg ku nntikan..:)kazen mazen ada kat rmh..chit chat..
online:chat dgn the cutie pie @ cakoi..:)
paduhal byk gik cita si C ya ow..
apa?kmu x suka tgk gmbr sy?ada sy kisah ka?ow sy tau mybe kmu x pnh tgk org pkai make up la miang coz ambil gmbr dgn laki yg kmu minat?dh org offer ku tok ambik gmbr ngn dak nya..sian jeles rupanya..tedah..puji dirik?hohoho..sian..xda org ka mau puji kmu? :)
tu la time klau org x puji diam sj bh..cukup la org tau kmu pndai dlm pljaran n piano bh..cukup2..apa sy post itu juga kmu post..copy cat:)..
xpa2..ada org sudah bgtau td..dh lama dia pendam.mau barik sudah..haha..dia sudah bgtau la apa kmu ckp smua..depan bgus..kat blkng..akai..mcm muka kmu..
hrp2 sorg lgi x terperangkap ngn kata2 manis kmu..ksian kmu alvin..dh la tu klau dia x suka kmu jgn pksa..errrr terbalik dunia prmpuan cari laki..tedah!
lantak kmu la..
nie mslah brian lgi..adoi..1 bunga 2 pemilik..hohoho..steady itu akhrnya tau juga org..hihi..tu la kmu si bunga jgn miang sgt..kwn?hohoho..xkan la msra..ckp sj bh dgn yen..kesian dia..smpaikan nangis2 dia bgtau..
then now..naaaa..itu la jd dia..sory yen!but i hve to tell the truth..kesian sy tgk kmu 2 dmainkan..what kind of girl?eeeewwww..yen lgi hepy aftr sy bgtau..thanks very much steph..wlcm2 ;)
facebook! :)
cmnt here n with mel aka kakak kuyat..:P
chat with michelle too...m-blm tido ka?s-blom..m-best la ody merdek..s-ya best juga..m-eh steph u guess what i ate today?s-what?snake ka?m-hehe nope..i ate kuyat!(i guess 0nly mel n me kn)..s-adesshhh..pelik u nie..smua kmu mkn..that day u eat bawak? bla bla..tmrw hve to wke up early m-offline..nyte2..
blog! :P
huhhh..sweet salt sour bitter..smuanya ada hri nie..masalah2..zZzZzZzZzZzZzZ
saya=flu fever headache!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

PMR over!

today is last day..happy..we plan go to mall..jln2 cari mkn..hbs pmr mau balik sudah..ckgu siti called eliana, mary, n me..nnti pergi dewan suarah ada latihan..(TYT's Birthday show)ish!!!
went to dewan suarah.. 2-5pm..tired!

online..terlintas dfkran that "someone" promised me to tell the truth about the girl n the boy..
akhirnya sy tahu apa yg tersirat dan tersurat..make me dissapointed n angry u knw..
the girl told me that the boy yg tergila-gilakan dsebaliknya..tedah..
apa la kmu ni mcm x da laki lain..dah laki tu x suka kmu buat apa paksa dia..terima la hakikat yg dia dh ada girlfriend!!
x malu ka kmu suruh laki tu break dgn saya???
dasar perempuan x malu...dh dia x suka kmu terima saja..yg kmu prgi benci sy apahal?ckp buruk ttg sy apahal?ckp pun ckp la..come point la..just say what u like..idc.. :)
skrg sapa yg kwn kmu suka pun kmu rampas..what for klau org x suka kmu..haiz...dh la hipokrit!!!dkt depan mcm apa bgus..blakang......peiiiii........................mcm muka dia sndri........
kamu buat kami 2 kecewa dgn kamu..kamu tahu ka???
so skrg kamu cari la laki yg suka kamu..we 2 dont care!
buat la apa yg kamu suka..saya x kisah..lantak kamu la.. :)
sudah lagi.....buat dosa saja ckp sal kmu..x da guna..
errrr im happy but tired anyway..:)
pmr is over..i thought was free aftr pmr..but no..hve to go prctce for TYT's birthday..adehhh..tiring +_+
Praise The Lord For Everything...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

sejarah hidupku...

apakah yang telah berlaku???today got 1 paper only n back decided to post smthng here..ehe..:)
got tuition for math..last class...huhu...adoh tired! bang booooommmm....
bm bi sc n geo ody done..boley tahan the paper..+_+

but sc paper make me crazy..gila!..i dont knw how to do bh..about the carbon mix what equal to what????..issshhh...i hate that chapter..nvr understand n dont want to know...make me headache* cnt imgine my results..gila babi

errr...still got 3 paper...sej khb n math...aiyayay....cant wait for the last paper...:))...
aftr plan to go to kfc..jalan2 cari mkn...n bla bla bla..MERDEKA!

gudluck for other pmr candidates (sory for the late wish)
Jeanne, Christine n Leonara...Gudluck frens..
jia you!