Sunday, December 4, 2011


i think this is the best place for me to say it out. why the feeling always come all of sudden? -.-'
when i chat with my friend, she told me that she miss the person that ever hurt her.
then fikir punya fikir, actually we are in the same case. what to do? what can we do? why should we think about them?

therewastoomuchmemoriesinsidemakesmefeellikeohhimissthisandthatifi'minsidethe'fullofmemories'room..istillcan'tcontrolmyself.istillcan'tcheerupmyself.why andwhy?whyamithatweak?whydon'tjustletitbe?whyshouldthinktoomuch?towhomishould'complain'allthis?whereshoulditurnwhenineedsomeonetotalk?

Ohh God, please help me.

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