Sunday, January 31, 2010

yesterday de charitha

its Sunday.
as usual.morning sunday sch.then bm mass.sat with roy.gara2 my name tag left at his car.then gotta find him.alang2 sit with hm.
SG.chicken rice.home."nenek"come home.selling costume.mummy buy me orang ulu cos.yea yea.thanks mum!
then on9.chatting whith che che mel...
akai beeerrryyy takazut me cheche dgr brita dunia pluto nun disana..haha..niway tahniah.haha..lain jak bunyi cam org dpt anak jak..eee..geli hati da org garuk jak..haha..chalie.:P
ntg else.bye.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

pep pep..
hve been long time i din updte my blog..
here im back:) not feeling well for two week plast :(..
schl?homework is what i hve to do everyday..>.<..tiring.
today for our chemistry class got experiment..smtg happen till our teacher cry..our class so so so naughty..hyper actve..keep on talking while teacher explaning..*_*
aftr schl got YCS n ICSF meeting for concert n camping..they wanna combine..bla bla bla..sounds fun..stay at schl 3 days 2 nyte..:)..
back home 3 smtg..cuzzy at home..wah today bcme aunty ody..cuzzy got new son!congrte..cute!
oh ya..tmrw got prefect camping..oh gosh..tired man..but quite fun..:)..hvnt prepare yet for the thingy that hve to bring..hope can escape awhile for YCS tmrw..
think gotta stop here..
good night.
hate couging.

Monday, January 4, 2010

4 January 2010

la la la ..not write it in a full sentences.sleepy.1st day of schl.woke up 5.30.reach skul subject.addmath.physics.modern one sit with me.:(.kring kring.REHAT.went to louretta dar~physics went to lab sit beside lorna liz:).back to class started to sit n interview her.back.heavy books n bag.called mummy to pick me but cnt.caryene help me to to pick mei mei w her heavy bags.same w for 15 min.text2.sammy as sis mel called him.loves.:P.hmwrk addmath n eng.on9 awhile chat with~ beloved SISTHA CALLED

MELINDA LAW.sotyyy funyyy sistha!