Sunday, December 4, 2011

the day

i started my day with the gila feeling. ohh damn. till when i have to be like this? so gila you aren. >.<
bla bla bla. went to church. alone. Fiat's dinner.* Ms dinner smpat tkfr, knpa sy tak dpt mcm ni salu? knpa pelu mcm tu? -.-" pissed off.
Dear brothers, thanks. that's why i like you.
Dear sisters, thanks. you guys are sporting. ;)
Thanks for the gift FIAT. nice purple candle. ;)
Thanks Abel. See you soon. :)

yes! tmrw last paper. be nice account. ;)
hope i wake up on time tomorrow.i don't want to wake up earlier then i suppose to.sure my mind will thinking the things that make myself turn up side down. :[ sayatidakmahuitufeelingdatangselalu.sakit. :{ .....
fingers, please don't be soooo itchy. no text won't die. but i still. -.-'
gtg. off. nite.

simple me. :)

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