Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The day

hari ini hari sklh tp mcm x je. .slow n steady sy mandi n atur rmbut:D.hampir2 lewat:) itu la padah klau slow n steady.haha. .turun tugas pun x da org yg dtg awal w/p dh mok masuk klas.pelik:).duppp dappp duppp dappp. .hafal poem. .
Turtles, Beetles

Insects, seas

Dancing raindrops
Soil absorbing
Man and beast
All depending

Air pollution
Ailing children
Dying trees
Who really sees?

Crowds of children
Round a table
What are they doing?
One child is rising.

Stop! She says
This ongoing madness
Look around you
Relieve the sadness!

On the air we must depend
The trees
The rivers
They are our friends.

If they go
We go too
Life is intertwined
Let’s refresh our minds

The environment
Is part of us
Respect is a must
Let’s do our best.

You and me
He and she
Let’s aim to be
An environmentally friendly
kring kring. .finally masa yg dinantikan sudah smpai. .Poem Composition Competition here i come to you:)tettt. .dpt juga sy buat yer. .dapat nombor ke tidak itu sy x kisah:). .saja2 nak ikut:). .bla bla bla. .
balik2. .haiya itu RAJ lagi. .1 hri x tgk u x sah ka?haiya. .leju sy tau ka?dh org ckp ada grk ada la.tnya lagi siapa.ngok btol.ishhhhhh. . .~!@#$%^&*()_+\
home sweet home

mumy-yen go to take your bath. .we go to see koko later. .
me-what time?
mumy-around 2 pm. .
me-okay2..but how i want to cut my hair bh?
mumy-ala i send u 1st la. .we go out ealier.
me-okay:). .set!:)
.bath.baring2 jap.
the time has come.:)
bubbye my long hair:)gonna miss you~but nvrmnd at least i got new look:)
MAKAN:). SMK Asyakirin tgk koko main badminton.masuk final.congrate bro:)ish ish ish.nerves sy,adam n mumy tgk u main.finallllyyy u win. .Praise The Lord :). .sure daddy will happy to hear that:)berbaloi daddy beli kasut dri SG n the same day juga mummy beli kat sini. .bertuah2:)
kluar dari dewan. apuuu budak smk asyakirin steady betul. .x perlu guna t-shirt sklh g sklh. .mmg rock itu sklh =_+blablabla.
g farley bawa koko n adam g makan.beli this n that.jumpa kazen mummy adehhh stop lagi mummy ckp.adoiii letih tunggu u mummy. .smpaikan adam pun tertido dlm kreta. .(sorry haru-haru)
smpai rumah cun2 daddy kol. .trus koko angkt. .daddy sy kalah . .cheh mau buat suspen la tek. .tp daddy caya juga. .haha. .stacy(sis) said wow so cute!looked childish!im jelaous with ur hair. .haha yaka? blablabla
msg with YOU:).lipat baju.minum2.on9.zZzZ+_+ l.y.n.j

Praise The Lord

Saturday, April 24, 2010


kenapa orang sombong,pendiam,pemalu yang berada di sekeliling saya akan tegur saya dan layan saya dengan baik? selalunya sangat susah nak tengok mereka tegur orang. apabila mereka cakap dengan saya rasa macam tidak percaya. pelik sungguh:) anyway thank you orang sombong,pendiam.pemalu:)

Friday, April 23, 2010


happy birthday to you~
happy birthday to you~

happy birthday to monster~
happy birthday to you~

may ur dreams,wishes,desires,hopes n so on will come true.goodluck in ur the best for coming spm.take care.May God Bless You n Family.iloveyousomucch:)



nothing special today.P.A was crayyyzeyhhh+_=.waiting time to,cornnelius and mac out from YCS after praise n worship.sorry.home.LIBRARY:).i called you,you answered me:P.chit chat.waiting for library to open.back to library again.doing p.a. ... doing history.reading the crazy book.mau kawen ka darling?haha:Pout at almost 4pm if not mistaken.???finger.bla bla bla.:P.back at 5.bubbye darling:P.calling mummy with no we decided to use bus:)but no bus.we use private car.thanks God we reached home safely.on9.text.dinner.bath.sleep.

Good Night my beloved.iloveyou.thanks for everythings.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

ABC123!@# done my oral:).
homework kill many must learn PHYSICS.yesterday principle told us during assembly only form 4 n 5 science's class go to school this saturday.Art's class take a rest at free they are this saturday.:(.
this monday hope i can do the best for Poem Composition Competition.Chia You!:)



Monday, April 19, 2010

sunny day

text2.call2.morning monster:)

im really hot today despite after bath.(weird right)=_+

school?black out almost 2 concentrate. =_=
BM?like usual. BI?today me n lorna supposed to have our oral exam,but teacher din bring his file so postpone to Wednesday.suddenly our class became "fish market". dont know whats wrong with all of them cant stop talking.(maklumlah hari topic about weekend)then teacher giving "speech".kan dah kena.sapa suruh bising.the word that i remembered "why you people cant listen when teacher is teaching?do you know that is the easy thing to easy as ABC".bla bla bla
Mm?m.c. .ckgu.? n ckgu Abimalek sit in.
Phy?adoiii.mala jak mengira.this minus this = to that. have to learn more:)back!

home here i until koko reach home then we go star.koko got new shoes n rackets. i bought racket's bag.i got my own now.:).ate at After Three.texting monster.on9.homework.P.Akaun u make me crazy n confuse:D

4 more days you turn to 17:D

Sunday, April 18, 2010

thank you monster!!!

he drew it for me:)thank you very much hug!

sorry cant meet just now.but at least we meet before mass start right?
anyway im hoping so that we can meet this ____ monster:)
miss you so much today:)

Friday, April 16, 2010


i am happy:) the L___ will remind me to you boyfie:)you know i know:)

love you monster!

Monday, April 12, 2010



Sunday, April 11, 2010


we got the same problem?
you girl!!!you got BOYFIEEE alrdy right???
why need to gago???
ala..take care of YOUR BOYFIEEE jak cukup la...

!!!umak nagned ayas mareg

Friday, April 9, 2010

yeay im so happy

today woke up with SKL mode..:(..he promised to text me..but?he wke up late.. lupak sign alarm la pulak...apa la itu apek,,grrrr:P..nvrmnd2:)

schl?alright. .as usual..YCS..yea yea.after praise n worship we got sharing.then tiba2 geoffery how happy was me..smpai kluar air mata..sot:)haha..WELCOME TO BINTULU BRO.:)then after YCS got meeting about the concert..vocalist?practice?adui..tired man =_+

me-kini d legi?
yern-nda nemu..jamming kot..
me-eee yern ka ngau:)
yern-bh ngau la..lgi ku spon..
me-amai ka?
yern-amai pulai d mandi lgi kmi ngmbi d..
me-:))))..ok2..wht time?
yern-lgi la ngnti ku nnya sida zoso..
me-ok2..kul 3 k..

raka's car coming..zoso studio here we come:)..nyanyi nyanyi:(..dh la flu..suara macam apa..akai...sot sy dgr suara sy sndri yg sengau tu..hahahahaha..mengerikan:( bila turun dri tangga zoso..tiba2 geo kata eyh steph suara kmu best bh kalau kat studio..kalau sy sy sengau ka td?haha..geo-btol..x pa tu:)bla bla bla

*mall* bryan makan chicken chop..mau practce cara mkn western la katakan..hahaha..ngek u yern:P

dlm keta x da keja lain..melawak sja itu miri la katakan..haha..fb.hp?lonely..he's back to long house..miss u monster:)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

love story

you are mine i am yours :)
sorry i "culik" ur photo from facebook:)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter camp 1-4.04.10

this year were be the BLAST year for my easter celebration..


really excited to go to easter camp.going there almost 7pm.7.30pm mass.after mass out for a while(EAT)with louretta n her mum:)we back at almost 11pm. .missed 2 talk frm fr.john n fr.damian if not miss taken.12am time to bed.bath.1am sleep.urghhh cant sleep.i slept at 3am like RAYMOND SALAU text me i at 2 am.syg me x see hp that time.if not got people company me:D.


wake up 5am actually.then my darling louretta still wanna sleep.then have to wait for her.lastly we two are the last participant take bath:)talk.3pm mass.*sleepy mode*.during the mass louretta's head always jatuh.haha.bath.suddently BABU SHAWN(i dont know his real name)called me "mata jayau"so weird u saw babu again.then i asked him.why you called me "mata jayau"him-if people near you will stick on meyh.him-naaa see2 i stick on you(he stand beside me)people also ngok itu babu.tapi best:)until now we call each other magnet..passion of CHRIST.sleep.texting:)

3rd april 2010 usual me n louretta are the last person who take bath:).dont want to *berebut*talk.3pm GAMES.really the QUEEN OF FLOUR OF THE DAY kena katekis STEWRARD NJAU LAING.our team won for ikat rambut and jalan ketam?jalan ikat kaki?lantak la:).bath.wash wash and wash my hair.7.30pm praise and worship.10pm.mass until 2 am.tired.sleepy.


the time has come.concert:)blast!:).really fun.anes so carzy but fun:D.concert until sleeping at all.packing.breakfast.8am back:(gonnamissyouall:'(home.sleep.the next day dint go to sch:).


Thanks FIAT for everythins:)keep it up.GBU all