Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Before i update 'this' usually i will go and re-read my post.
Kak Aren sent a msg said that i must be strong. still have a long way to go. :). yes, i have to! i must! seems like there's no changes at me, i was like OH MY! i'm tired with this life. >.<. why am i that weak? why i let myself to be controlled with 'this'? argh. let it be.... when' the time' comes, sure everything gonna be alright. :')

Real life, what a tiring day. One whole day non stop. koko's further study blessing.

Back to cinta monyet life,ini satu hal. Everyday both of you sending that kind of msge. Tidak lejuk kah? Tapi kesian juga mereka tunggu dari last year... What can i say to them is try to forget me. I love you as a friend. >_<

tired. hoping the best for tomorrow. nite. REGARDS~

change your mind set Aren.

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