Sunday, May 30, 2010


called you yesterday untill today:)iknowyouwknowkandarling:P. .
its Sunday morning!as usual go to church:). .before the mass started i saw a "mummy" of lil girl got tattoo at her leg.then my mind start thinking "apuuu tak malu ka org tgk?dh la besar!"~~~stop~~~
after mass koko said he want go to mall.i followed him:)sukat mall with Kahen,Awink,Witnie?and Nicole.made 2 new friend.Nicole and Witnie.FUN:).
text gonna back later *soob* lonely saya bah.when you come back? waiting:/jangan lama-lama k.take care.anang know i know kan darl:) LOVE
anyway Selamat Ari Gawai ngagai kita ke iban.gayu teacher gerai sedap.(1 Malaysia konon)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


long time din update my blog.busy with exam.
i was happy n blur .huh. our school is having a sport day until Thursday. supposed to go to stadium,but i make my own holiday:).if i go cant imagine how my sensitive face look like.=_+
so i decided to stay at home the whole day:).
tonight got Gawai Mass.going or not?the answer will be given last minute:)
yeay.finally i also go:)happy to see you.after know i know:).
11pm something Mr.R text me.asking what am i doing.bla bla bla.then suddently he asked do you love me?s-no!seems we two already got couple i got no feeling towards you.r-ala anang bkanyak.dont think about them.i really love you.bukannya they tauk kan.s-how if kantoi?bukankah saya black list kat si N.and pity your girl.r-ala bukannya mereka dua tau pun if we x tell them.s-ala also no use right if we two play2 .r-i din play ok.s-hurm.just friend okay?r-but you always be my hun.s-pity your girl.huh.r-she wont know.dont worry.s-dont do that at her.if i do what you if one day it happen to me?he din reply.end!
i dont know whether you really love me or just "buang boring" bak kata bangang:)
love you N.J.thanks 4 the k.n.h:)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

question mark?

my piano's teacher gave me my Grade 1 theory piano exam certificate last week.then she told me that my pratical exam on this year cancled.she cant register for me:'(.how then???hurm.continue learning or learn myself???sorry mummy n daddy for wasting your $ and your time to send me.anyway i will try to learn.:(

Sunday, May 9, 2010

oh tidakkk

tmrw start exam. .i havent study anythings. .what i can do during the exam if im blur is HENTAM. .hahaha. .wait n see the results..DIE +_+

wei tiket murah saya menunggumu. .cepat cepat datang saya mahu pergi KL!!!
yeah saya dapat tiket rm 218???

"conversation started"
me-mum can i go ka?only rm 218 bh this coming july?
mum-ok la the price.u brani meyh go by urself?
me-erm:). .boleh la..kan got phone:)
mum-ok.bukan susah kan.if u reach LCCT then u use bus to KL central..
me-erm ya la kan..
mum-apuuu msh lama..try to find on june.
bla bla bla..
harap2 jadi:D

waiting for mummy to book.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


why should i care about your history?i try to forget about it. .but i cant. .cause it is still appear at everywhere. .and i dont think so that should called history. .i know you still do or 'what ever that it is call' "about that". .now i dont know what should i say. .stop you from doing that?maybe you will feel that im controling you. .share to melinda or leo?sure their answer either relax or dont think too much. .so now the only think that i can do is shut my mouth up!:/. .just let it. .but my heart hurt:(. .how?hmmm. .


why must i jealous?why,why and why?i think i should stop this!!!arghhh...SHIT

Sunday, May 2, 2010


when i go to your facebook, i saw somethings that really make me feel like.huh!. but i wondering why should i care about that?that was a history!but i still cant accept it.SHIT!
if i remove YOU from my friend list, it will become a big matter.but if i let it like that it will make me feel 'eeewww' towards you. UNDERSTAND?
all of this is came from your (____) attitude!
if you want to be respect, you yourself must respect others first !IS THAT CLEAR!?
kurang asam!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

today labour day tmrw students day:)

text.on9.breakfast.mall."resdung treatment" just relised it:)back.on9.missyou.ilysm