Thursday, December 31, 2009

rOlLeR cOaStEr!!!

bubbye 2009..hello 2010..

dear friend
sorry for all mistake that i've done in this year (2009)!
hope our friendship will be better in 2010
& will be never end..

dear family sorry for all mistake that i've done in this year (2009)!hope i can do the better for mummy n daddy in my study!will be in 4D@4s4 stream.can i do it?erm i will do n try the best..THANKS A LOT FOR EVERYTHINGS.

dear me myself..i want to promise that i will obbey my parents,study hard for my parents n future,active in church activeties...what again ar??n many many things..:)

miss these person damn muchie!
Melinda Law Mei Pooh!MIRIAN
Leonora Amanda HendrickMIRIAN
Samson Lian Juk!MIRIAN
Isaac Belarek Anyie!JULAUAN?correct ka?hentam je la..

daddy promise me to buy a guitar from SG
hope i can get it:)


Thursday, December 24, 2009

special day

turn to 15..happy birthday to me..thanks for those wishes..
let start with this morning story..
seems today pmr's results will come out im not busy with my BIRTHDAY n not planning to make party or what..about 8 am recieved a call frm auntie from kL.."helow what r u doing?what time ur results come out ha???me- apu u..awal2 ody call still lay down bh ths..relax la..results come out ltr call u k..aunt-okay2..then try to continue my dream cannt liao..hahaha..bath~
about ten a.m..daddy n mummy sent me schl they wait at car.the 1 person i saw was mary queen my classmte..she cried..y mary?how much u gt?erm steph got no A..ow..nemind that..try harder for spm k..then x sbr2 go to hall..find find n find..there it is..2A2b3c..teruk kan my results..huhu..x blja itu la..padan muka.."out from the schl"saw eliana my bestiest..cant talk long..chow..text me ur results later k..ok..enter car the 1st thing i did was calling auntie!helow..u guess la what i not guessing time la..tell me la..ok2 ..(...).ok la that..hope u can enter sc class..or u move to teknik sch.dont know what stream wana enter thre bh..think 1st:)..aunt-ok.think tq..bubbye..(back to the car)mummy said na see ur results..on9 la b4 exam..daddy gik..if u study every nite u will gt a gud results u knw..then start frm now stdy k..dont play2..future is in ur hand!k3..

back to my birthday!

every year will clbrte..but this year no..felt like..birthday?haiya no need la..then we gathered with grandpa n ma at home..dinner..went to church for was the 1st time i saw the church was totally full!we stand during the mass..the mass end at 12.30 am(25.12.09)?was raining>.<..b4 back sent Fr.john some cake..he's fav cake he told me when we chat:)..n ask blessing frm him coz mybe will direct back to long house later.. mummy think twice..we back now or early morning?raining case smtg happen..tyre punctured ka?dad said..ok we start our journey 6am..reach thre cun2 mass start.. long house mode~ go to mass..go ngbang n bla bla bla..we back on 26 morning.. ntg else..gotta go..tired christmas mood..

Merry Christmas 09
thanks GOD for everythings

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

yesterday oh yesterday...

last two days Raymond asked me..steph did u went to hospital for caroling last night?me-erm nope..ow ok2..h.b.u?nope im not going coz was at miri tnyte do u join? is my 1st day joining caroling hre..(bintulu FIAT)me-oic..u are frm whre b4? how about u?u join tonyte?me-erm dont knw one pick me n no fren..ehe..r-erm how if i pick u?me-pick me?ermif u pick me..i got syarat la..ehe..i must bring my girlfren..louretta..r-ow ok2 no will tell her ltr..but x promise i can mke it or not..r-ok u just text me ltr..bye..c u then..

(at 6 pm)mummy can i go to caroling ltr ka?(b4 i ask i knw the answer ody)ehe..mummy-cnt la..u see our house hvnt tidy yet..n no one help me to bake cookies ok2..
texting R..mond im not joining u all's ok..join next time...:(((((bla bla bla..

the next day
wke up at 8 am..go to natural phto..passprt pic..imgeresen..waiting for barbara to find her irth cert. at home..lost!police report..mall..bouble tea!..louretta sponser me..thanks~..back..ckgu andy drove us..thanks..bake cookies again! 6 pm loureta text me..jd ka pergi crling?klau x sy ekot cell group mak sy..(was like er tnya mummy or x)erm brani kan diri jap..haha..mummy can i go ka tnyte?aduh u want to go who help me?(serba slh me)huhu..then mummy said ok2 u go la..who pick u ?me-Raymond pick me ltr..mummy-k u go to tke bath x juga..ehe..lipat bju jap..
then louretta cme..chit chat with mummy..6.25 i go to take bath..ehe..rushing2..sngaja mndi lewat so x pnas nnti..calling R..mond whre r u now?r-bru mau stat enjin tau ka rmh sy?r-erm slps taman bamboo kan?me-yup..5 minit ltr he cme..chit chat..we are the 1st one cme..intro ourself..actly we(me n louretta) dont know Raymond very well..but always togther when got FIAT meeting..end of the carolling..shake hand with Ckgu Andy..happy birthday..ckgu-eh awal juga..ehe..k thnk you..esok dtg g sklh k..da n louretta-ow ok2..bla bla bla..Glad to knw such a kind n gud person like u Raymond..thanks for ckgu Andy..gonna miss you damn much!!!if u r at Kl..dont ever 4gt about us!!!thanks for everythings!!GBU all..

Friday, December 11, 2009


today i was bz with upldg picz..YCS dinner n holiday pic..dh la slow..haiyoyo..pergh...
then suddently fr.Basil chat with me..(weird)
fr-hey!kmu ingt parade ka mlm ni?jgn lupa sy ya..
i was thinking for a while.. knl sy ka?(he x reply)for the 2nd time bru he rply..
fr..kmu x dtg miri ke?utk parade..
me-tak dtp la fr..busy tlg mak kemas rmh n buat kuih..
fr-ya skrg masing2 pun busy skrg..
fr-sapa tak kenal..kan sy dulu pernah kat kenal kmu la..
(i was like hah?)weird..ehe.. fkr fr x kenal sy..kan slalunya limpas sj..
fr-jgn risau fr akan ingt kmu org slalu..
me-ya thanks fr..
fr-kmu sklh mana skrg n ting brapa?
me-ting 3 sklh kat smk bandar..tgh tunggu results ni fr..pray for my results..:) akan sntiasa mendoakan kmu org..jgn lupa Tuhan ya..
me-ya ikut parade ke mlm ni?
fr-(tiba2 kluarkan bhsa iban)udah aku pgi td..(i was blur..parade at morning meyh?)
mabuk fr.ehehe..parade mlm ni..pkl 7..kmu ikt ke? tak ikt yg kat miri kat bintulu..

fr x reply prob with fb..eee..sorry fr..hope can chat next time..anyway glad that u still rmmber me fr.. GB..cheers~

Thursday, December 10, 2009


yuhu im back..:)..
went to singpore n Johor bharu..came back last two daddy at jb? my cuzzy so much..tired..speechless..lazy..ehe..

excited for YCS dinner
want to knw mre?u will knw when u c my pics at fb..

oh yeah..i read melinda post yesterday..will got tampal2 on ur neck..mybe i knw what happen to u..hope it will be move smooth..GBU mel..