Wednesday, November 30, 2011

remembering November.

... November will end n December will come tomorrow.
what happened from the beginning till the end of Nov will stay in my mind and heart forever. The sweet, the sour, the bitter. GREAT! tho it sadden me a lot but i still called it as a Great one forever. So many things that i had experience before this wont be the same as what i had experience on this REMEMBERING NOVEMBER. etc, my SPM examinations, love story and family story.
What i wish for my birthday present is, i wish i can change to be better a person, wish i can have a blessed birthday and Christmas celebration with family, wish i can have a vacation with my girl Louretta before she left to FAJAR, wish i can get back my 'old mood', wish i can have happiness, and my last wish is i wish can have you back. sounds i'm crazy about you rite? 0.0 the reasons~
-nice guy
-best listener
-best advisor
-positive thinking
-matured thinking
-not 'sebarang2' one
-high self-confidence
-balance in both academic and sports
-talkative (makes me never get bored with him for he is always tell me his experiences)
-and much more... my head was jammed to think about it cause i gtg now. sleepy.nite.

btw, 5th DEC i'm waiting for you.last more trial's exam papers, reference book, and notes. BYE. LOL. lotsoflove.

Monday, November 28, 2011

the crabsss.the lyricsss.

i still can't accept the fate. why? :'(
i still want things to be like past.
i want the old you.
i want you back.
the way you care,talk,smile,advice and much more makes me never forget you.
crazy. 0.0


Oh Lord, please make me strong to face all this. I'm weak to face all this. I can't stand long with this kind of situation. Please take away all those feeling that will make me sick. Lord, have mercy on me. :'(

Sunday, November 27, 2011


FLIRTATIONSHIP; more than a friendship, less than a relationship.
can i have this?:/

Friday, November 25, 2011

2 in 1

spm mode still on. don't ask me how was it. saya main terun jak. -.-' physics paper 1, 2, 3 straight for today. only 4 classes taking physics, A, B, C, D. and my class was the last class.guess what, i'm so lucky today cause in the last class (Bilik 8) only 6 candidates inside with 3 'pengawas peperikasaan'. punya lh aman. :) while walking towards the door after 1st paper done, today's date crossing my head, 24.11.11. a month more i'm 7teens. :D ...
actually will have lunch with Fr.kev n mummy(mummy's birthday). but he got house blessing at 2pm. mummy said tkut dia rushing so after rosary at Liny's house tonight lah. ~rosary~ me, mummy, sis elizabeth n Fr. kev going to La' Bistro. chit-chat. bye. nite.

apa cerita today hoe?
bangun org sudah suruh ready ke pasar. lunch. i was, what time is it? guess what time i woke up? 12pm. ohhh tidak. 1st time bangun lewat. ya i think i know why i woke up late. cause i don't have enough rest this few days. tido lambat.last night i sleep at 12. but the phone keep vibrate (msg) distrubing my 'tido' mood makes me sleep at 1 something. back to today's story. i think i have to say today is "Hari makan sekeluarga" lunch at Singapore chicken rice. fulled. balik rmh mkn lagi. cake n bread. dinner makan luar. ohh. makan jak keja. perut pun mkin besar. haha.

~imisstheoldyou,b~ i really meant it. you doesn't know how was me in this kind of situation. :')

Monday, November 21, 2011


21 nov.
moral paper. what i had memorized all lost. so bad. why must this a
nd that came to my head? :/
you know what, so bangang me bru tau hri ni yg sy guna kelas dia for spm examination. ketara blur. guess what make me know it was his class? 'her name on the wall'. -.-' my day was i want to lost from everyone's sight!!!

went to liny's house at 8pm. waiting her for quite long. from miri to
btu. she's going to kch sitting for her final exam.

22 nov.
i don't really remember what happened today cause i update this a few days later. busy lah to liny's house at 8pm. waiting her for quite long. from miri to btu. she's going to kch sitting for her final exam.

Liliny's mom. Rest in peace auntie. God bless~
mummy's boss (green shirt) who will give her cake every year. best btol. and the grey shirt got same birthday with mummy.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


life must go on tho its day without you was :( :'(. everyday i wish for the impossible which is to have you back.he did told me why i need to hope for that which will disappoint me.:'( but how can i stand with this kind of situation that keep on thinking about you everyday and night? :'(

Monday, November 14, 2011


1st day spm.problems here and there. i was like not sitting for spm. -.-'

all the best steph~

Friday, November 11, 2011


the day that i will remember forever and ever.thanks for the sweet and bitter memory. -.-'

Thursday, November 10, 2011


tmrw's date is a special i wish,hope,pray tmrw will be a special day in my life.but too sad no actually.yet i have a accept that we gonna a have diff life and world.;( ya, i know we can meet after this but may be once in a gonna miss the moment that we had been together a lot.if you're going to school,you will go to my class during recess and i will wait for you at the school's gate back time and chit-chat for a while.after tmrw no such change!...
take care.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


2 days more~ everything change~gonna miss you~ :')

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

next chapter~

although they told me to do this and not to do that but thing remain the same.we used to text, call, and date. yes, i know it sounds told me everything. 0.0 and yet you explained it to me. i try to understand, yes i did. but what can i say is, its all about feeling. :') ~confusing~