Thursday, December 15, 2011

The picture narrate everythings.

Uncle Thomas Auntie Jane wedding day. 14th Dec. Long Pelisit, Tubau. And not saying much about ths. Btw, i'm supposed to back to long house on 13th night. Sudah packing and sedia mau balik kpg ni. *Cari hp.*( 2 msg, 1st, Abel will pick you for carolling  later around 7.45pm. Must go!C ya. 2nd msg, ada dia bgtau kmu ka? ready before 8pm.) . Mula lah hati gatal tukar plan last minute. :D. Tanpa fikir panjang, showing the msg to mummy, and mummy simply said, ask daddy. wheee. klau itu macam, senang cerita. :D dady, can i go back tmrw? Tmrw auntie Yen will come to Bintulu to buy foodstuff and take the wedding cake rite? then trus fetch me. how? wink2. Oke. Mana2. u sudah besar so u decide it. :D alu berbunga hatiku. haha. thanks dad! tinggal sorg and waiting for Abel to pick me. My darl tara joint us too. Padah nda ngau. bulak mat.:P balik, drunk. macam2 keja. haha. thanks Abel!  Overall,fun and unexpected.

Nah. Back to the wedding story....
Mummy and auntie arrr. Don't know whats her name. :)
Welcoming dance.
Selamat datai ngagai bala kita ari Pakan. :)

Night perform.
With Kudoh Tijan.
Bridesmaid and Bride. Cool uncle. Orang bersolek sempat bgmbr.haha.

He's good in playing sape and ngajat.  
Cool tetap cool. haha.

Congratulation cool-uncle! :D

My hero and heroin
  sister. Steffy Sharon
My cute lil uncle. :)

Bubbye Tubau. May be will see you soon. :)

Arghh. berterabur dah gambar. Because of unexplainable reason. :P

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