Friday, November 13, 2009

13 november 2009

it was a last day for our YCS meeting :( ..gonna miss form 5 members.hope can meet u all again..
~thanks Giving~
b4 praise n worsdhip we got singing in prayer??..suddenly my tears come out..fuh..during worship makin kuat nangis..the song that we sing very touched me..Praise the Lord for everythings~

sahring~louretta asked me to shre..then i asked her to go 1st then she go..the end of her shring was "dulu sy mmg panas baran then skrg ok dlm nie ada org yg slalu mengata sy tp sy cool sj"then suddenly she cant talk n tears come out..then i said to her cool apa cam tu shring untill tears come out..haha..i want to shre aftr louretta shre..malangnya masa x mengizinkan..huhu..

action n louretta doing action..haha..suddenly got feliz navidad..keja rapheal n bryan..haha..tiba2 christmas mood..the end of our song is Dalam Yesus Kita Bersaudara..shke with everyone..Ckgu Josephine come n hug louretta n cry..i was blur..'aie ckgu nama nuan nyabak?'ckgu-aku ndai ditok gik..kini ke nuan deyh?ckgu-agi bc la..eheh..smpat she smile..ala jgn nangis ckgu.eheh.we can meet everywhre la ckgu..

lastly i want to thanks our YCS teacher C.Norlia C.Ilam C.Josephine C.Andy C.Walter..n not frgt to our president Geoffery Ranggu..he do a lot of things to 'melatopkan' ycs this our Revolution Concert..i love it so much..

Bryan Rundi(naib president), GeofferyRanggu(president) n Rapheal(our sporting guitarist)..gonna miss u all..gudluck for the best!cia you~

sorry for not asking permission to get this photo..

Young Catholic Student Do the best for next year..i believe we can do it..
God Bless OUr YCS club...

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