Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tiring day

today i thought i wk up late..when i asked koko what time now?erm 9 o'clock nia..
ow..apu i thought ody noon..:))..when i tried continue my sleep cnt sleep liao>.<..wke what i've promised mom to do today.."tukar fesyen bilikku"aha..then get out christmas stuff frm store..fuh..tiring..
3 pm..playing fb games..i was the 1st time i play it..quite fun..
as what Tara told me..ckgu andy will pick us at 7 pm for bible quiz..wait wait n wait..almost 7.30..when i enter the car..Tara said steph got surprise for u bh..what?bible quiz x jd?yup..tnyte cancel..we go to limbang for the compt..oh yes..i've more time to do revision..:)..reach church hall uncle anthony was stangin at the church hall with his serious face..bla bla bla..sis gave us round 1 paper "Faith Quiz" do n not bad..i got 41 over 75 correct..its ody good for me la..Praise The Lord..b4 back snap2..:)

super daper tired..

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