Thursday, November 5, 2009

bing bang boom

helow readers..
not going to schl today..+_+..actualy hve to go to schl..rehearsal for "tarian lgu Gemilang by jacklyn? victor akan dinyayikan oleh Mary Queen my classmate" we called that tarian london choco roll..haha..for tmrw..Penyampaian Sijil..i decided not going..want to follow mummy to fetch aunty at air port ..:P..asked Yohana to replace me..:)..
helping mummy to cooked curry..yummy..:}..around 3.30 pm get ready to fetch aunty..only me mummy n koko knw that aunty coming today..ehe..surpise.:) bang boom..haha..then straight going to grandparent's house..when aunty get down frm kong2 was very happy n surprise..senyum smpai telinga..haha..ama cool jak.mklumlah bru bgun zZzZ.back going to Farley buying stuff..x sbr reach home mau tengok bju bru ku..yeay2..aunty bought me a dress n shirt..:))..bla bla bla..kong2 reach our home dinner tgther..bath..sitiing hear..cmnt here n there blogging..actly wanted upld the video that koko tooked at kong2 house when kong2 was shocked saw aunty coming..haha..nice the vid..but i cnt make sleepy + tired = offline..

nyte people..
saya rindu kawan saya:)

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