Tuesday, November 24, 2009


today got no plan actly.. when im online..tara chat with me..n said..steph we join bible quiz k..hah?bible quiz?fuh..nonono..im not expert about Bible la syg..eh x mnd..just join pity ckgu Andy finding participant..ermm...(thinking)..ok2 i will join..about 2 pm ckgu andy came to my house sent last bible quiz paper..looking at the paper..fuh..calling tara asking her..how?ok ka?aduh steph gila me saw this qs..haha..ney who ask u to join..bla bla bla..then she decided to cme to may house to do revision la katakan..:P..*rainning*


Mummy's birthday..
today is the 1st day of prctce drama dancing n singing..:)..8.00 am till 4.30 pm..
lunch at singpore chicken rice..that is the time we wait..haha..aftr lucnh went to CiTy Point..bought sme stuff..
back..fuh hyper tired..bubbye

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