Sunday, November 8, 2009

cuti2 sarawak.-7-8.11.09-miri

last two days went to miri..just jalan2 n beli2..leave bintulu at 8.30 reach miri about 11 if not mistaken..texting all of my friend at miri asked them go out with me.melinda n albert?got practice for cmfrmation talk..christian?no one accompany him..samson?cant..huhu.only therry n breyg can..thanks very much:)aftr check in at mega hotel then walked to parkson to meet therry n breyg..about half an hour wait for them at big parking spce

then we go to eat at marry? brown..
our conversation~
koko-apa kmu dua mok mkn?
therry n breyg~kmu dua dh mkn ka?
therry-x pyh la dh kenyang ni..
~then koko go to order..
therry-eh steph brapa A target kmu?
me-A?fuh..x tau la..terpulang pda results..haha
breyg-frm 3 ka?aduh i thought frm 5 just now..
therry-looked mature kan..
koko came..bla bla therry dgr steph kata kmu pndai magic?therry-erm x da la..besa2 jak..pndai bc tarot card pun tau sy lbh minat sweet? or what ever la..i dont knw about that..haha..koko-erm tp tarot tu mcm ada black magic sikit kan..therry-erm ya..then suddenly saw Eva Maria my old skul mate at m.b..bla bla bla..bru jak jln stgh jln therry's mum calling told him that his grandpa passed away..therry was shocked n speecless..took about an hour for therry to calm..huhu..condelence.then he decided just contnue to accompny us..:

jalan punya jln alrdy n koko back to hotel then therry said if can he will go out tnight n will pick me tmrw mrning for youth mass..relax at htel n wait till 6pm go out..went to Chilli paper?eat there with ivy..
rcve msg tht therry saids he cnt go ya i understand.
aftr that we when to parkson..koko n ivy decided to watch movie..but malangnya sistem down black out..haha..x jd..then sy jln sndri..terlintas d fkran ku cri charles..ehe.then dia bwa sy g city fan.on jak.dia cita sal hidup dia..dia rindu late Fr.Anthony wan..bla bla bla..dia hensem bh..adoiii..haha..balik g parkson koko n ivy g kfc..isi perut..heheback to hotel..zZzZ..+_+


woke up 7.30.i thought alrdy 9 am..bath then waiting for therry to pick me..:)..he text me that he will come late..:.he took me at 10.20 am..he asked wanna go whre ar?if go to church now still many car suka hati sy ni ikt jak..then reach church the 1st person i saw was Judith..judith was shocked saw me thre..enter the st.joe gate i saw unexpected person!named Albert..:)..he also shocked saw me thre.ehe..sitting with him Sharon n breyg during the mass..i dont knw whres therry..aftr rcve communion albert asked me to see at the back..toleh la sy nie td..hurm.. was shocked..n no cmnt about that.:)you knw i knw= what ever!
going to fetch koko at Toys World..the lucnh at 2020..go to parkson..tgk wayang bertajuk Fhobia?..kenangan terindah..only me n u knw..chalie..:P..b4 back go to carmlte sister.gve sme fruits..then jmpa dgn sis kuyat,leonra christian n so gik!..bla bloa bla..
wanna see pic?fb ada....
sy rindu kmu.~

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