Sunday, November 15, 2009


Happy sunday people~~~
today is the last day for bible
me koko n 3rd sis on the way to class..mine n sis ex sunday schl teacher passed by us..she called stacy.."weird"..i thought she want to give or ask smthg..when she took out her camera frm her my my said..ow..she want to take pic..teacher said..this is what i wait..u r so cute stacy..steph u browse this in fb k..ok thanks..yer deyh..canggih juak ckgu eyh..ehe..bla bla bla..
(classroom)aftr Uncle Anthony bless our food Anisia cme to Uncle n wishper to him..uncle today is Anna's birthday..bla bla bla..then we sing happy birthday song..(no wonder Anna brought cake)~
me, amanda, Uncle Anthony, Anna (birthday girl)
all of the boy cant wait to eat..coz adele brought KFC..ehe..yummy..thanks eat n eat..almost 11 alrdy..Bm mass..sit with Joveeta..sempat i asked Jov's mom to buy cupon..:)..aunty buy rm 10..thank you..~today's verse?got kaitan with 2012 movie.Kiamat?oh bersedialah..aftr mass Raka drove me to aunty inn..mummy fetch me thre..koko saids he want to dye his i want patient steph..:P..reach home..grandma called me..yen come here..sit in front of her..nah..ur salary(RM 100)..(im blur) really for me ka?ama-ya really..kan u rajin..ehem2..haha..thanks grandma..last week she just gave me rm rm 100..pokai ama later..ehe.asked ama to buy the cupon..ama-what is lucky drw cupon for helping Limbang new church..(St.Edmund?)ama said i take all..thanks2!!:))..senang my kerja..alrdy finish my cupon..ehe..TV*aftr the story finish go n lipat2 bju..suddenly 'terlintas' in my mind why when we need a friend, there's no one come to u..and when u no need a FRIEND they will find U???eerrrrrr

eat online..very bored!..

Grandma n Joveeta's mom~thanks a lot..God Bless!

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