Monday, April 19, 2010

sunny day

text2.call2.morning monster:)

im really hot today despite after bath.(weird right)=_+

school?black out almost 2 concentrate. =_=
BM?like usual. BI?today me n lorna supposed to have our oral exam,but teacher din bring his file so postpone to Wednesday.suddenly our class became "fish market". dont know whats wrong with all of them cant stop talking.(maklumlah hari topic about weekend)then teacher giving "speech".kan dah kena.sapa suruh bising.the word that i remembered "why you people cant listen when teacher is teaching?do you know that is the easy thing to easy as ABC".bla bla bla
Mm?m.c. .ckgu.? n ckgu Abimalek sit in.
Phy?adoiii.mala jak mengira.this minus this = to that. have to learn more:)back!

home here i until koko reach home then we go star.koko got new shoes n rackets. i bought racket's bag.i got my own now.:).ate at After Three.texting monster.on9.homework.P.Akaun u make me crazy n confuse:D

4 more days you turn to 17:D

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