Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter camp 1-4.04.10

this year were be the BLAST year for my easter celebration..


really excited to go to easter camp.going there almost 7pm.7.30pm mass.after mass out for a while(EAT)with louretta n her mum:)we back at almost 11pm. .missed 2 talk frm fr.john n fr.damian if not miss taken.12am time to bed.bath.1am sleep.urghhh cant sleep.i slept at 3am like RAYMOND SALAU text me i at 2 am.syg me x see hp that time.if not got people company me:D.


wake up 5am actually.then my darling louretta still wanna sleep.then have to wait for her.lastly we two are the last participant take bath:)talk.3pm mass.*sleepy mode*.during the mass louretta's head always jatuh.haha.bath.suddently BABU SHAWN(i dont know his real name)called me "mata jayau"so weird u saw babu again.then i asked him.why you called me "mata jayau"him-if people near you will stick on meyh.him-naaa see2 i stick on you(he stand beside me)people also ngok itu babu.tapi best:)until now we call each other magnet..passion of CHRIST.sleep.texting:)

3rd april 2010 usual me n louretta are the last person who take bath:).dont want to *berebut*talk.3pm GAMES.really the QUEEN OF FLOUR OF THE DAY kena katekis STEWRARD NJAU LAING.our team won for ikat rambut and jalan ketam?jalan ikat kaki?lantak la:).bath.wash wash and wash my hair.7.30pm praise and worship.10pm.mass until 2 am.tired.sleepy.


the time has come.concert:)blast!:).really fun.anes so carzy but fun:D.concert until sleeping at all.packing.breakfast.8am back:(gonnamissyouall:'(home.sleep.the next day dint go to sch:).


Thanks FIAT for everythins:)keep it up.GBU all

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