Friday, April 23, 2010


happy birthday to you~
happy birthday to you~

happy birthday to monster~
happy birthday to you~

may ur dreams,wishes,desires,hopes n so on will come true.goodluck in ur the best for coming spm.take care.May God Bless You n Family.iloveyousomucch:)



nothing special today.P.A was crayyyzeyhhh+_=.waiting time to,cornnelius and mac out from YCS after praise n worship.sorry.home.LIBRARY:).i called you,you answered me:P.chit chat.waiting for library to open.back to library again.doing p.a. ... doing history.reading the crazy book.mau kawen ka darling?haha:Pout at almost 4pm if not mistaken.???finger.bla bla bla.:P.back at 5.bubbye darling:P.calling mummy with no we decided to use bus:)but no bus.we use private car.thanks God we reached home safely.on9.text.dinner.bath.sleep.

Good Night my beloved.iloveyou.thanks for everythings.

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