Tuesday, May 25, 2010


long time din update my blog.busy with exam.
i was happy n blur .huh.
yeay.today our school is having a sport day until Thursday. supposed to go to stadium,but i make my own holiday:).if i go cant imagine how my sensitive face look like.=_+
so i decided to stay at home the whole day:).
tonight got Gawai Mass.going or not?the answer will be given last minute:)
yeay.finally i go.you also go:)happy to see you.after mass.meet you.you know i know:).
11pm something Mr.R text me.asking what am i doing.bla bla bla.then suddently he asked do you love me?s-no!seems we two already got couple i got no feeling towards you.r-ala anang bkanyak.dont think about them.i really love you.bukannya they tauk kan.s-how if kantoi?bukankah saya black list kat si N.and pity your girl.r-ala bukannya mereka dua tau pun if we x tell them.s-ala also no use right if we two play2 .r-i din play ok.s-hurm.just friend okay?r-but you always be my hun.s-pity your girl.huh.r-she wont know.dont worry.s-dont do that at her.if i do what you want.how if one day it happen to me?he din reply.end!
i dont know whether you really love me or just "buang boring" bak kata koko.huh.so bangang:)
love you N.J.thanks 4 the k.n.h:)


  1. Banggang that laki. Jangan u percaya. Guys like that memang mauk buang boring jak ya oh!

  2. YA MMG.biar jak la.x mok gado ngan dia.bangang!