Sunday, May 30, 2010


called you yesterday untill today:)iknowyouwknowkandarling:P. .
its Sunday morning!as usual go to church:). .before the mass started i saw a "mummy" of lil girl got tattoo at her leg.then my mind start thinking "apuuu tak malu ka org tgk?dh la besar!"~~~stop~~~
after mass koko said he want go to mall.i followed him:)sukat mall with Kahen,Awink,Witnie?and Nicole.made 2 new friend.Nicole and Witnie.FUN:).
text gonna back later *soob* lonely saya bah.when you come back? waiting:/jangan lama-lama k.take care.anang know i know kan darl:) LOVE
anyway Selamat Ari Gawai ngagai kita ke iban.gayu teacher gerai sedap.(1 Malaysia konon)

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