Monday, January 4, 2010

4 January 2010

la la la ..not write it in a full sentences.sleepy.1st day of schl.woke up 5.30.reach skul subject.addmath.physics.modern one sit with me.:(.kring kring.REHAT.went to louretta dar~physics went to lab sit beside lorna liz:).back to class started to sit n interview her.back.heavy books n bag.called mummy to pick me but cnt.caryene help me to to pick mei mei w her heavy bags.same w for 15 min.text2.sammy as sis mel called him.loves.:P.hmwrk addmath n eng.on9 awhile chat with~ beloved SISTHA CALLED

MELINDA LAW.sotyyy funyyy sistha!


  1. hoik hoik.. hahahaha Jangan tak tulis besar2... malu saya... hahahahahahaha teng kiuk.. hahaha.

  2. mslh nya sy rabun bh..tu sy suka letak beso2..haha...