Wednesday, January 27, 2010

pep pep..
hve been long time i din updte my blog..
here im back:) not feeling well for two week plast :(..
schl?homework is what i hve to do everyday..>.<..tiring.
today for our chemistry class got experiment..smtg happen till our teacher cry..our class so so so naughty..hyper actve..keep on talking while teacher explaning..*_*
aftr schl got YCS n ICSF meeting for concert n camping..they wanna combine..bla bla bla..sounds fun..stay at schl 3 days 2 nyte..:)..
back home 3 smtg..cuzzy at home..wah today bcme aunty ody..cuzzy got new son!congrte..cute!
oh ya..tmrw got prefect camping..oh gosh..tired man..but quite fun..:)..hvnt prepare yet for the thingy that hve to bring..hope can escape awhile for YCS tmrw..
think gotta stop here..
good night.
hate couging.

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