Thursday, December 31, 2009

rOlLeR cOaStEr!!!

bubbye 2009..hello 2010..

dear friend
sorry for all mistake that i've done in this year (2009)!
hope our friendship will be better in 2010
& will be never end..

dear family sorry for all mistake that i've done in this year (2009)!hope i can do the better for mummy n daddy in my study!will be in 4D@4s4 stream.can i do it?erm i will do n try the best..THANKS A LOT FOR EVERYTHINGS.

dear me myself..i want to promise that i will obbey my parents,study hard for my parents n future,active in church activeties...what again ar??n many many things..:)

miss these person damn muchie!
Melinda Law Mei Pooh!MIRIAN
Leonora Amanda HendrickMIRIAN
Samson Lian Juk!MIRIAN
Isaac Belarek Anyie!JULAUAN?correct ka?hentam je la..

daddy promise me to buy a guitar from SG
hope i can get it:)



  1. Happy new year girl.. =)

  2. aduh.! sayang! salah laaarr nama sis tuuu... hahahaha
    Melinda Law Poh Mei.. akai indai... kasih mai apai indai ku... hahahahaha

  3. sory for late reply..
    pauline..hepy new year too..:)
    SISTHA..tu la mcm pelik jak nma tu time sy type..mmg slh sbnrnya..haha..ok2 kan ku ingt..MELINDA LAW POH MEI...