Wednesday, October 28, 2009


yesterday was the 1st day went to schl of the week :P
so smngt go schl..with the long nails..:P..enter the schl gate got sport check..Grace frm 2 prefect's checked me..ehe..she just asked me to enter in..thanks Grace:)walked alone to our block-Block Daisy..eliana saw me immediately walk toward yen come here..then talking non nvr meet for 1 year..haha~kringgg kringgg..morning session back..our 1st period was science.going to lab.i thought learnt form 4 sc..teacher asked to watch cartoon..what a boring story~errrrrr..then 3rd n the rest period at schl hall..watched cartoon.aduh..i hate it..ckgu siti (Kebudayaan teacher) enter the hall saw me n eliana then she asked me n ana helped her to fill in bonus mark..SYUKUR yeay2~no need sit at hall.sit inside the meeting room.with the sweating at is what i want everyday..:)finding n filled in the bonus file then suddenly ckgu Siti saids "eh terasa mau mkn roti canai sy"..she drove to Medan Jaya to bought canai.cakap serupa bikin bk kata org..ehe.btol ka?she back cun2 recess..yeay time to eat.smpt me n ana snap2.she brought HP.then kemas the meeting room.6th period back to hall.sleepy~watched the bored cartoon..i dont like to watched movie!+_+back.texting Tery aka Hagemaru :P.ate was shocked to saw leonora name chnge to Leaonora Christine..start our conversation..
me-leo when ur name chnge to leonora christine?allergy sy tgk nama itu..
leo-ala suka2..actlly my cmfrm name ia leonora amanda..
me-then whre did u gt the chritine?
leo-ok la ok la i chnge it now..
me-:) leo how our cfrm name?bishop gve or we choose..
leo-we choose la..
leo-u hvnt cfrm yet meyh?
me-u want to knw here in bintulu 3 years ody x hve LSS..sunday shcl teacher saids bishop always busy..
leo-ow cian u LSS u knw..
me-erm ya..we are still waiting now:)
im in the busy mode~g.t.g leo..bye..
grandma n grandpa cme...chit chat
bath..sleep..:)..thats all..gaint my weight..fuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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