Friday, October 30, 2009

Geoffery's birthday 31.10.09-thursday

i din go to schl today:)around 2 pm picked louretta.we went to town buy present to Geoffery at St.Anthony messenger..saw Marcelle?..aftr we bought the present.felt bored n dont knw whre we want to we decided walk to parkcity mall..took 10 minutes..louretta was scared cause the way we hve to walk was the place whre late aunty Lily aka Jesper's mom excident..louretta2..+_+
louretta sunddently got one steph take pic on the u nie x malu ka klau org tgk.L-nvr mnd..cpt2 x da kreta ni..:)snap snap snap..almost reach mall then raining cat n dog~straight go to buy papre bag:).then went to "Tension" milk shake's shop..louretta bought slim bag t Abel..:P.texting mummy ask her to pick at mall..walk2 n walk..waiting for mummy at mary brown..6 pm ody..fuh..send louretta back n get ready to geo's birthday party..told my lil sis steffy that im going to Ruddy aka geo's house then she said she want go..ok2..go2..louretta's dad drove us to geo's house.while waiting for others we sang hari ini ku rasa bahagia?..Abel coming.sat in front of me.he asked steph sapa tu adik kmu ka?ya.adik sy la tu.abel-cute bla bla.they ask me to lead P n W?apu i dont knw la.x confidence.dh la many pple elder then me.:P.geo's dad saids nthg wrong in doing God's work.then lastly louretta was the 1st time she lead..good job sis.Fr.john bless birthday boy..:).yeay time to feed stomach.:PPP.eat2.chit chat.err puas Ruddy asked steffy to sit with him wanna fren with her but fyfy jual mahal.adeh malu me ajar her like that.:( Tower 13..Fr.john saids.lucu la crita hantu..ehe.repons frm us is smlie.ehe.10 pm ody.time to go back.thanks geo n family!

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