Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy body

hi..wah almost 1 week din updte my blog..errr..quite bz =)lets i start my story..

school as usual..ysc meeting..chit chat with my lovely sis..she tell me that see think a bad things..she herself also dont knw why..weird*like wanna kiamat alrdy..haha..get ready sis..haha..:)..back frm school with the heavy rain..mummy pick me..yeay..:P..rushing~going to practice..for pray over spm students at SIB church invited by Perena..reach there, no one there..apu..dah la 1st time go there..huhu..15 minutes ago chealsea? cme..cheal-ni nana deyh?me-erm nda mu la..bdau dta bh..ku ngnti dtok ari kul 7.45 td bh lbn ia mdh dtai sbdau 8 pm..cheal-erm sigi kenya janji remaja..:)..eh steph nuan greja nie ar?rc ka?me-yup r.c..alan coming..cheal-alan call nana..bla bla bla..almost 8.30 bru start...back 11 pm+_+nana send me back :)

9 am start the Berkat for spm....bla bla bla..end at 11 am..go to dewan suarah..practice..huh..tiring -_-..hvnt eat yet..HUNGRY..haha..reach there cun2 time to eat..then prtce..apu i dint cme just now how i want to knw the step?eh lantak je la..just selit2 at the back..ehe..boley juga buat the step :P..back~
going back to mama hometown..(tatau)..errrr..inside the car nothing to do..koko me, ing2, n fy2 snapping here n there(will upld the pic at fb a.s.a.p)..:))..reach tatau go to cousin's house..abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz...:P..back at 3pm..tired! +_+..actually today got prctce..:P but i ponteng..:P
..[';];/.,''/']/.'....no school today..going to dewan..prctce again..waiting for bus at school..ckgu.siti walk towards me n eliana..haaa..kmu dua ratu pergi mana kmrin???we two slmber jak snyum..:)..bus coming..the driver pick at luar simpang sklh..x juga mau msuk..bukan nya jauh..saw Duane the cool boy..haha..louretta's husband..:P..b4 back as usual me n ana snap2..ehe..back with the hyper tired body..8 pm pick louretta..rosary at sis prez's house..1st mistery bro raymond 2nd bro ruddy 3rd sis pres's mummy 4th sis elizabeth 5th mistery me(actly is aunty judy but she cnt tkut semput ltr..she's pregnant)..sis mira?say grace b4 meal..chit chat about FIAT dinner..ckgu John saids each table need prfm at least 1 song..bro raymond looked to at me..steph we 2 duet k?haaa?ko serius ka?serius la..erm ok la..on..ckgu andy lgi..eh steph u use the costume that u used during youth mass..org ulu costume ka ckgu?yup..kan the dinner theme is 1 malaysia..:)..ckgu john..ya2 kmu org laki pkai la sirat ka..pa lagi bro raymond terbahak2 ktawa imagine..bro christhoper? gik..apa kata kita pkai singlet..itu pun satu mmalaysia..cina,melayu tambie also use that one bh..ha ha..k2 10 pm alrdy..backckgu andy send me n louretta back..+_+
^rainy day^
fuh today wake up early..6.30..still wanna sleep.+_+..msg ana no need to wait for me..mummy will send me later.:)bcoz im lazzzzyyy to walk to school..haha..dh la hujan..broommm..reach dewan surah..sesat me*huh more then thousand persons i thought..askr,pdrm,kadet bomba n so on..today all turun pdng actly..memandangkan hri hujan just insde dewan..-_-..suddenly ana says eh yen how ow if one of us rmpas the gun n tmbak one of us..ish3 ana2..that kind of thing also on her mind..ergh..choir group~dgn smngtnya they wanna sing skali the cd scrtch..pity..huhu..then Abg Tuah Jili saids sing without music..do re me fa so la ti do~noticed ckgu andy was there too..smpt he took pics..nang kerja ckgu ya..ehe..then lucnh me n ana eat tgther with our fish ball that we bought then mkn sndri2 ..haha..jaik2..2pm turun pdng fuyo..imgine how hot was it..blablabla..back..sleep..take bath..chat with tara..she asked me who is leonara?told her then smpaikan crita si C pulak yg kluar..argh.. then suddenly tia reply she saids she's frm clinic..who sick?me lo..apa skit kmu le sis?sorethroat + fever +flu..msti mkn buah terlalu byk..ryte?mummy going upstairs..enought2..sleep liao..ehe..orite..:)
hyper tired!

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