Friday, November 25, 2011

2 in 1

spm mode still on. don't ask me how was it. saya main terun jak. -.-' physics paper 1, 2, 3 straight for today. only 4 classes taking physics, A, B, C, D. and my class was the last class.guess what, i'm so lucky today cause in the last class (Bilik 8) only 6 candidates inside with 3 'pengawas peperikasaan'. punya lh aman. :) while walking towards the door after 1st paper done, today's date crossing my head, 24.11.11. a month more i'm 7teens. :D ...
actually will have lunch with Fr.kev n mummy(mummy's birthday). but he got house blessing at 2pm. mummy said tkut dia rushing so after rosary at Liny's house tonight lah. ~rosary~ me, mummy, sis elizabeth n Fr. kev going to La' Bistro. chit-chat. bye. nite.

apa cerita today hoe?
bangun org sudah suruh ready ke pasar. lunch. i was, what time is it? guess what time i woke up? 12pm. ohhh tidak. 1st time bangun lewat. ya i think i know why i woke up late. cause i don't have enough rest this few days. tido lambat.last night i sleep at 12. but the phone keep vibrate (msg) distrubing my 'tido' mood makes me sleep at 1 something. back to today's story. i think i have to say today is "Hari makan sekeluarga" lunch at Singapore chicken rice. fulled. balik rmh mkn lagi. cake n bread. dinner makan luar. ohh. makan jak keja. perut pun mkin besar. haha.

~imisstheoldyou,b~ i really meant it. you doesn't know how was me in this kind of situation. :')

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