Wednesday, November 30, 2011

remembering November.

... November will end n December will come tomorrow.
what happened from the beginning till the end of Nov will stay in my mind and heart forever. The sweet, the sour, the bitter. GREAT! tho it sadden me a lot but i still called it as a Great one forever. So many things that i had experience before this wont be the same as what i had experience on this REMEMBERING NOVEMBER. etc, my SPM examinations, love story and family story.
What i wish for my birthday present is, i wish i can change to be better a person, wish i can have a blessed birthday and Christmas celebration with family, wish i can have a vacation with my girl Louretta before she left to FAJAR, wish i can get back my 'old mood', wish i can have happiness, and my last wish is i wish can have you back. sounds i'm crazy about you rite? 0.0 the reasons~
-nice guy
-best listener
-best advisor
-positive thinking
-matured thinking
-not 'sebarang2' one
-high self-confidence
-balance in both academic and sports
-talkative (makes me never get bored with him for he is always tell me his experiences)
-and much more... my head was jammed to think about it cause i gtg now. sleepy.nite.

btw, 5th DEC i'm waiting for you.last more trial's exam papers, reference book, and notes. BYE. LOL. lotsoflove.


  1. :) you'll be fine dear. btw, looking forward to 24th. soon u can have your driving licence already ;)

  2. hope so. and hope coming carols song will make me frgt those silly2 thing. haha. oh yea, can't wait for it. :D