Saturday, February 13, 2010

unforgotten :)

Valentine day n Chinese new year is coming soon..will hear fireworks sounds..err hate it..

kemas2..cuci2 susun2..
aclty we back to Tatau today..but cnt cause no one fetch papa auntie we back on Monday~
go to sing kwong n planned to buy CK casual x jd..mna tau miri ada yg cntik lgi:)
me, mama,koko, 2 lil mei2 just had a simple dinner at Sushi King..~saw melvin~
after finished mine..check my hp..very surprise to received a text from Isaac Leslie..then we text text n text..great qs..then i promise him will give him answer sharp 12 am! la la la la la..piuuu poooommm...

Valentine day n Chinese New year..
text him~n chatting with che che...tet tetttt..bla bla bla...
uish..bising u mercun!!!he ask me to go out to stop them..haha..gila u..:P
tgh pagi mama potong kek sedia2..
text till 1.30..sleepy~going to church tmrw~
morning go to fetch daddy n 4 pm smtg go to fetch auntie..

*love my lover*
.. said .. is a guardian of our love*sweet

yen happy!