Tuesday, December 15, 2009

yesterday oh yesterday...

last two days Raymond asked me..steph did u went to hospital for caroling last night?me-erm nope..ow ok2..h.b.u?nope im not going coz was at miri ysterday..me-ow..how tnyte do u join?..r-yeah..it is my 1st day joining caroling hre..(bintulu FIAT)me-oic..u are frm whre b4?r-miri..so how about u?u join tonyte?me-erm dont knw la..no one pick me n no fren..ehe..r-erm how if i pick u?me-pick me?ermif u pick me..i got syarat la..ehe..i must bring my girlfren..louretta..r-ow ok2 no prob..me-i will tell her ltr..but x promise i can mke it or not..r-ok u just text me ltr..bye..c u then..

(at 6 pm)mummy can i go to caroling ltr ka?(b4 i ask i knw the answer ody)ehe..mummy-cnt la..u see our house hvnt tidy yet..n no one help me to bake cookies later..me-:(..erm ok2..
texting R..mond im not joining u all today..bz..sorry..r-it's ok..join next time...:(((((bla bla bla..

the next day
wke up at 8 am..go to natural phto..passprt pic..imgeresen..waiting for barbara to find her irth cert. at home..lost!police report..mall..bouble tea!..louretta sponser me..thanks~..back..ckgu andy drove us..thanks..bake cookies again! 6 pm loureta text me..jd ka pergi crling?klau x sy ekot cell group mak sy..(was like er tnya mummy or x)erm brani kan diri jap..haha..mummy can i go ka tnyte?aduh u want to go who help me?(serba slh me)huhu..then mummy said ok2 u go la..who pick u ?me-Raymond pick me ltr..mummy-k u go to tke bath now..tp x juga..ehe..lipat bju jap..
then louretta cme..chit chat with mummy..6.25 i go to take bath..ehe..rushing2..sngaja mndi lewat so x pnas nnti..calling R..mond whre r u now?r-bru mau stat enjin ni..me-ow..u tau ka rmh sy?r-erm slps taman bamboo kan?me-yup..5 minit ltr he cme..chit chat..we are the 1st one cme..intro ourself..actly we(me n louretta) dont know Raymond very well..but always togther when got FIAT meeting..end of the carolling..shake hand with Ckgu Andy..happy birthday..ckgu-eh awal juga..ehe..k thnk you..esok dtg g sklh k..da jamuan..me n louretta-ow ok2..bla bla bla..Glad to knw such a kind n gud person like u Raymond..thanks for everythings..to ckgu Andy..gonna miss you damn much!!!if u r at Kl..dont ever 4gt about us!!!thanks for everythings!!GBU all..

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