Monday, March 12, 2012

Short story.

Hye. I slept like a babi last nite. Tidak tau apa2.Usually i will wake up 2 or 3 times 'per sleep'.haha.(betol kah tu?gagal english). Tired because yesterday; 7am-1pm going to church helping Fiat to distribute Easter Camp's firm. 5-6.30pm Youth Mass. 6.30-7.50pm Dinner. 8-10pm Choir practice for Bishop's Mass and dinner. Balik rumah terus PENGGG....bah2, back to today's story.woke up at 9am.breakfast.bla bla bla.tidur lagi tghari. mmg babi lah sy.-.-'. 2pm 'lunch'. watching teeviee. tido lagi. 5.30pm minum ptg. 7-8pm aerobic with Anita, Agnes and their friends. After aerobic,we went to Sing Kwong supermarket to buy some food and stuff. 1st, we went to 2nd floor to buy threat. Then we went to 1st floor accompany Agnes to buy her stuff. When Agnes still busy finding her stuff, Anita told me, takut sa dgn laki yg pkai bju biru tu bah mandak. Dari td lg tu ikut kita. Mreka dua dduk kat cafe bwah td tu bah. Me; yaka? perasan juga ko.. Her;ya. sa mmg cepat curiga dgn org......
At 1st sy x brpa kesah. Jln punya jln, lgi juga mreka dua ikut. Last2, slh sorg tu sentuh tgn sy n say smtg. sy pun xtau lah pa dia ckp. I WAS REALLY REALLY SHOCK. fuhhhh. 1st time sy feel unsafe jln kat Bintulu. :/

When i told mummy about ths, she said, next time don't giggle here and there. Our body language is important. If people saw us 'jegit2' haaa, mau lah laki kacau. Then i was like ada kah sy giggle2 td? -.-' :( Okey lah, next time tidak sy pandang2 org lg time jln. Org chop sombong pun sombong lah. :)

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