Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today was their 1st day of schooling for 'adik-adik bersekolah' :D 
All the best for UPSR, PMR, SPM, STPM's candidates. 
Do appreciate your school times. 
Do the best! 
p/s: i miss my ex-secondary school. :/

Went to Holy Hour with my dear Louretta. For i don't want to back home early and HUNGRY, we went to Sushi King for dinner. :)

I'm cool. >.<
She makes Louretta's fav sushi called, something maki at the back. Can't recall back. hee.. 
( Actually i'm cofused with the sushi maker's gender. 0.0  She is a she or a he? Or he is a he or a she? 0.0 )
For me, she is a she. :P
We got extra from her!:D thanks!:D
Btw, may be this will be the farewell for her. She's going to continue study soon. Bye Tara. Take care there. Study smart. God Bless you!

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