Monday, March 28, 2011


Monday- school 7-12.35pm
Tuesday- school 7-12.35pm, 2-4.30pm 'latihan kawad'
Wednesday- school 7-12.35pm, 2-4.30pm 'latihan kawad', 7-9pm tuition
Thursday-"Sambutan Hari Kor-Kadet Polis", 7-9pm tuition
Friday-school 7-11.55am, YCS 12-1.15pm, 3-4.30 chemistry's extra class
Saturday-6am- evening 'Festival Tari'
Sunday- 7-12pm 'Festival Tari', 9.45-10.45 Bible study, 11-12.30 mass. i have to split my body. +_+

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