Saturday, January 15, 2011

New life

The whole morning busy baking biscuit :/ Anyway today is Steffy Sharon and Stella Shakira big day. Two of them baptist today at St.Peter church, Tatau. Went to Tatau around 4pm. Baptism start at 6.30pm. 6pm got some talk about baptism. Before the baptism, Fr.kevin asking for when me and koko baptist cause mum's family register's book havent fill with those date and others. When the baptism ended, Fr.kev called me. steph,kitu nuan. nama nya?uji peda nuan tok.(he's poiting to my Godfather's name) i was stoppp and thinking for awhile .sapa la Kevin ak Chundi
??? macam mana boleh jadi Godfather saya?mummy pun pelik.haha. Fr.kev~neyyy nda nemu ia sapa nya..hehe. me~ehhh nuan nya kan? (soalan bonus)haha.sori:P.. mummy~aie?salah nya.nuan ka godfather ia? fr.kev~nda nemu la keni tau nyadi godfather steph. bc seminar ditok kami maya nya. agi ngena butul susu steph maya nya..haha (adehhh malu nyeee. *
i tough you are stranger for me* tapi sebenarnya since i was 2 years old sudah pernah jumpa tapi tidak kenal FR.KEVIN AK CHUNDI..=_=

Back to Bintulu around 8pm. Thanks God everythings alright.

congrates Teresa Steffy Sharon & Stella Shakira:)

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