Tuesday, June 8, 2010


yesterday the whole day at church's conference room.we have to be there cause auntie Dorithy change our Sunday bible class on that day and have to finish those Bible thingyyy before pre-comfirmation seminar start.we started at 7 am- 5 pm.fun of course.sat with Joveeta.so funny you jo.can't stop laughing.sat under air-con.sejukkan jo.pandai kita dua pilih tempat.dahla selesa.semua orang bersempit. kami dua saja duduk selesa.(bukan tidak mahu bagi orang duduk, tapi mereka yang tidak mahu)hehe. home.tired.

today was really "BEST".
going to church again today.sister brief about bible quiz.9a-11.30.out with Ezsherlynn Esther.went to library and mall. itu monster pun ada:) you know i know la kan..haha.. at night went to church again.its all because of bible quiz, drama and the welcoming dance.tiring. night people. =_=

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