Saturday, June 12, 2010

congratulation guys

The day is coming..get ready guys:).everyone reached church early today.only me koko and louretta reached 10am. supposed to be there at's practice is much better than before cause left few more hours to act in front of audience(is the spelling correct?)hentam je la labu.:P tau pun serious:)
miri's team coming.hi u , u and u:)see u later.go to lunch 1st.
lunch together with drama team mate.Singapore chicken rice for our lunch.back.the time is around the corner.take bath at katekis Steward speechless cause cant imagine what will be happen.
2.30pm bible,faith n sripture memory start.done at 5pm if not mistaken. now waiting for drama. everyone getting more nervous.haha.we get some rest at K.steward room.with air.con:).thanks.
jeng jeng jeng jeng. .limbang group will be the 1st group perform followed by miri and the last bintulu:)every group done well..i like limbang performance with their dance:).nice one limbang!miri?not bad:)..when we done acting all fiat's member showing thumbs up:).one of miri's judge i don't think you people can act very well:)..well done.
thanks for the credits.then sister Andrea came from back with her tears.wahhh bagus.kamu orang buat yang terbaik.tengok saya pun terharu tengok drama kamu orang.memang sedih.
everyone respond with ya ka sis?:)..
when the results announced.....wahhh Bintulu people scream like kena kejar anjing..hugging here n there..K.steward n sis.Andrea really happy:)we got 1st place for DRAMA,BIBLE QUIZ,FAITH QUIZ n 3rd place for SCRIPTURE MEMORY..well done bintulu!!!..congrates..

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