Monday, September 28, 2009

kuyat2.. we knw today is monday..n 1st day of the week go to skull..
pecutan pMr for BM subject..
sleepynez is coming! zZzZzZ feeling was on my mind the whole day!
sleepy the whole period today!huh..
back frm skul..smgt membara..haha..
going to C.John house(F.I.A.T presdnt)home cell group
opning pryr(c.John),praise n worship(leonardo),bible reading bm language c.John Bi me,sharing(laughing here n thre with bro.raymond)he make me laugh..:Pwe two nang hyper active..haha..closing pryr,grace b4 meal,mkn minum,ice breaking..i think im the youngest among ol of us..:)ehe..
late ody..
gotta go!:)
nyte ol!
regards from me!
pMr run after me!
pray 4 me!
peace be upon u ol!

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